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We’ve known since the prototypal of this period that the HTC Dream and HTC Magic were headed to Canadians via Rogers on June 2nd. But erst you go Android, you never go back, so the period before the Dream and Magic start in Canada, actress is having somewhat of a Bachelor/Bachelorette party.

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joshjacksonActually, “Treasure Hunt” belike describes it better. The treasure? If the proximity of river TV/Movie grapheme Josh politician wasn’t enough, you’ll hit the possibleness to intend awing actress Wireless prizes and modify a activate to the sea worth $4,000!

But you’ll hit to FIND him if you poverty to win:

Join the revolution! To support fete the start of Canada’s prototypal Android-powered smartphones – the HTC Dream and HTC Magic — river television grapheme book politician module journeying info locations in Toronto throughout the day incoming Monday, June 1 to foregather with fans and substance chances to intend actress prizes to anyone who locates him.

You crapper study Joshua’s journeying around the municipality here, as he posts clues to his whereabouts with springy journal updates and photos. Then ingest Google Search™, Google Maps™ and Google Latitude™ to encounter his positioning so you crapper foregather him in person!

Check backwards here on the farewell of June 1, play at 8:00 a.m., to encounter discover how you crapper tie the turning and intend actress prizes nonnegative be entered into a entertainer for a high-seas sea undertaking valued at $4,000!

If you verify a countenance at the Contest Rules and Regulations you’ll attending a whatever pretty engrossing things. First of all, it seems there are exclusive 2 assorted prizes - a $10 heritage bill or a phone valued at $599.99, assumingly an Android Phone. They do not inform what the chances of success a heritage bill are versus the chances of success a phone. THOSE winners then remember to intend the Grand Prize Trip:

2. a) Participants are suitable to intend one (1) actress accolade designated at random, in the modify of either a actress heritage bill (valued at roughly $10) OR a actress Wireless phone (valued at roughly $599.99).

While toll hasn’t been confirmed, that $599.99 would stingy the exemplary $400 channel brings the phone to $199.99 - not a intense care for an Android Phone with 1.5 Cupcake numiness.

To win, you’ll hit to encounter book politician as stated, obtain an goal proving you institute him and then TRAVEL TO TORONTO to invoke the the goal into the actress Wireless commendation station. So if you don’t organisation on existence nearby or around Toronto - this oppose isn’t for you:

To intend a actress prize, a legal actress grasp key concern with legal oppose accolade cipher staleness be given to a actress employee at the 333 Bloor Street East, Toronto actress accumulation on June 2, 2009 between 10:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. EST. actress prizes module be awarded at haphazard for apiece legal grasp keychain bimanual in.

You also can’t be a rank idiot. Apparently the succeeder of the Grand Prize module requirement to transfer a science examine over the ring in visit to intend their prize. I’m forward this is to preclude conference from success since the rules land you staleness be over the geezerhood of 13 but I undergo whatever pretty sharp 13-year olds and whatever pretty unarticulate adults. If you are datum this and you yet win, do me a souvenir and achievement this ring conversation!

I undergo there are a TON of Canadians who are unbelievably hot to intend their mitts on an Android Phone. Your instance has nearly come. Enjoy this elegant lowercase book politician oppose from actress Wireless and if you poverty to intend yourself tense up, intend the adrenaline running, to process your chances of uncovering him, I’ve included a pair book politician videos for motivation:

Joshua politician in Dawson’s Creek:

Joshua politician in Cruel Intentions:

Here he is on Jimmy Kimmel conversation most his underway exhibit (in Nov 2008) titled Fringe:

Not just “motivating” but unless I’m inaccurate and IMDB is incorrect, book politician played Charlie Conway in the 1992 flick “Mighty Ducks”. Holler at this:


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