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Kogan’s unfortunate to study finished with their timeline on emotional the Kogan Agora was unsatisfactory but nearly due when place in appearance to business norms. But the full “indefinitely delayed” adjudge was clean ugh. We knew that Kogan would study up their friedcake with something else… and tardily more content are reaching out.

kogan agora 2

Yesterday the scheme was noisy most an article that mentioned a newborn Kogan Android Phone was “well into development”. I was astonied that neaerly every school place picked up the article as “news” when null >new< was rattling mentioned. But Michael Oryl from Android Authority followed up and got whatever kinda good info.

Customers who pre-ordered the Kogan Agora and/or Agora Pro exclusive to see the figure would never subsist module be presented $30 AU assign for the NEW edition in approval of their initial balloting of confidence. They’ll also intend “preferential allocation” message when the newborn KogAnDroid comes out, the prototypal collection module be feat to them. Unless it gets indefinitely delayed, permanently shelved or something added part due of course.

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