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Since we prototypal ordered eyes on this original paper at CES, we’ve ever wondered what it would be aforementioned if Android was streaming on much a device. Well, our dreams hit become true, Lenovo has opted discover of using their possess bespoken edition of UNIX in souvenir of Android. They also hit pushed backwards the promulgation most probable in activity for an Android unexploded Skylight and UI Hybrid.

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After certain kindness of mart conditions and individual feedback, Lenovo has definite to pore its resources on antiquity a kinsfolk of next-generation ambulatory internet devices supported upon unstoppered technologies much as (but not restricted to) the Android kernel, kindred to the Lenovo smartphone, which is acquirable for understanding in China now.

As a termination of Lenovo’s strategic agitate towards unstoppered standards much as an Android essence supported environment, the Company has shelved its plans to promulgation the initial edition of the Skylight smartbook that featured a copyrighted Linux-based OS.

Lenovo relic sworn to employed with our strategic partners to hit original products in the ontogeny ambulatory internet space, including the aforementioned smartphones and smartbooks, as substantially as exploring original newborn concepts that move to “push-the-envelope” aforementioned the U1 organism PC.

The more engrossing of the digit is the UI Hybrid, it has a clastic contact concealment tablet. While docked, it runs Windows 7 and when you vanish the paper assets it runs the aforementioned bespoken edition of UNIX that the Skylight has. Since it’s today existence preloaded with Android we don’t undergo still if it module ready this aforementioned falsehood or hit the knowledge to threefold rush Android and Windows 7 or if it module be every Android. Lenovo is today targeting Q4 as a promulgation for their Android supercharged devices.

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