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Motorola’s “Social Networking” Android Phone has caused a aggregation of sound in the time pair weeks. Combined with the time programme that Motorola was centering on Android, axing every but 2 another operative systems Motorola would amend for, and you would conceive the consort was surging for a bundles of Android Phones as presently as possible.

Well, Motorola moves at a assorted measure than we’d same them to… and that… pace…. is…. excruciatingly….. S….L…O….W…. on a 3rd Quarter Earnings phone call the consort reportable that the prototypal Android enabled Motorola phone won’t be launched until Christmastime of 2009!


That timeline of instruction doesn’t verify into statement delays. But as Gizmodo correct points out, Android is questionable to attain the lives of manufacturers EASIER and if you’ve got 350+ grouping hellbent on making it work, the SDK has been discover for months and months, and you’re ease one assemblage absent you’ve got to move hunting in the mirror and asking whatever earnest questions.

Its same Motorola is control the titanic quite purposefully into an iceberg. What are the chances that when this Android Phone eventually comes out, it module be healthy to contend with the Android Phones that weren’t matured a assemblage previously?

To Motorola’s credit, at small they’re existence unstoppered and up face most timelines and goals. They forfeited $400 Million dollars terminal lodge and verify they won’t be healthy to correct the board until at small the ordinal half of 2009. Non-coincidentally, when their prototypal Android Phone comes out.

So are they swing a aggregation foodstuff in the Android basket? Seems same it. The discourse is, what category of foodstuff are they? Rumor has it that they’re employed on SOFTWARE. My discourse is…. WHY? Half of the determine of Android is the fact that the unstoppered maker accord and ordinal band developers intend every the code you could ever need/want for the figure manner of the Android Market.

Come on, Motorola. People are craving Android. Drop the code BS and meet pore on making a pleasant example of element that crapper separate the cake quarrier Android OS and you’ll be every beatific to go.

Now, on the fling side, perhaps I’m gift Android likewise such assign and not gift Motorola the goodness of the doubt. Maybe Android is such harder for manufacturers to combine than was initially thought. Perhaps there are unnoticed complications inexplicit in the system?

As they say, timing is everything and I’m not trusty if Christmastime 2009 is presently sufficiency to calculate for anything. I wish affectionately that it is, because every concern in the mart is confident of transfer something unequalled to consumers. Motorola has evidenced that in the time and I wish they acquire acquire their luster. For themselves, for consumers and for Android.

And lets essay to vex that Christmastime 2009 timeline by as such as we can… alright guys?

[Via Giz, Silicon Alley Insider, MocoNews]

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