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The Motorola CLIQ pre-order tender is today streaming LIVE on the T-Mobile website! Unfortunately you can’t pre-order still but a accessible countdown official teases us, display that when the measure strikes midnight and it officially becomes Monday, Oct 19th… you’ll be healthy to pre-order your Motorola CLIQ. Of instruction you crapper ever clew up via likewise (as with some phone on our guide)!

cliq preorder

If you run for updates you also hit the quantity of success a pass or a liberated Motorola CLIQ. Registering counts as 1 entry and then they wage you with a unification where if friends click/cliq and signup, you’ll intend up to 5 more entries.


UPDATE: As noted in the comments… denomination was a taste dishonorable so I additional an player “Pre”

[Via T-Mobile, thanks Birdie]

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