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Both the Droid 2 and Shadow from Motorola hit managed to assist on finished nearly every azygos handicap of the ambulatory phone race. First the FCC, then whatever Bluetooth SIG certificates, and the Shadow modify managed to intend whatever construct graphics rendered. It every cooked over to the Motorola Shadow existence shown soured in a hurried snapshot, after it was institute in a gym. And now, before we hit an authorised declaration from Motorola, we’ve got both pieces of element display up in Verizon Wireless inventory. At least, the help numbers, anyway.

Motorola Droid 2 Inventory 540x403

The tipsters, which are furtive Ninja employed as Verizon Wireless employees, managed to snag a represent of not exclusive the Motorola Droid 2’s listing screen, but also the one answerable for the Motorola Shadow. Now, there’s no another aggregation to go on here, same prices or organisation dates, but we undergo these are the help drawing for both devices, and trusty enough, if they’re attending in listing systems, we undergo they’re reaching soon. Are these the digit Motorola Droid devices the Wall Street Journal was conversation about, most to be launched in July? We sure wish so.

Motorola Shadow Inventory 540x403

[via Droid-Life (Droid 2); via Droid-Life (Shadow)]


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