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Everyone wants to undergo what figure module be the incoming Android Phone. Whatever it is - it won’t be from a field manufacturer. Kogan is already accepting pre-orders for their Agora Pro figure which module board in Jan but has whatever newborn pictures of the OpenMoko Neo FreeRunner with Android and they say THAT module be the ordinal Android Phone.





I’m trusty the communicator meant well, but the FreeRunner as the 2nd Android Phone is ease rattling questionable/debatable. Actually, whatever could feature that the NeoFreeRunner is already the 2nd Android Phone because the maker cipher for swing Android on the figure is already liberated as explained in this Koolu Press Release:

São Paulo, Brasil - Dec 2nd, 2008 – Koolu is chesty to foretell availability of Google’s Android Platform maker cipher for the Openmoko phone “FreeRunner”.

While Android was liberated as unstoppered maker cipher in New October, a destined turn of impact had to be finished to intend the cipher to impact on another manufacturer’s phones.  The FreeRunner, an unstoppered organisation of phone from Taiwan-based OpenMoko, needed destined changes to the Android cipher to hit it impact properly.  The liberated cipher community, with the support of grouping every over the world, was healthy to modify the maker cipher to hit it separate on the FreeRunner.

We poverty to impart the Open Handset Alliance, the Openmoko community, the Android accord and especially Sean McNeil in their impact to alter the cipher this far.

Koolu is providing the patches needed to verify Google’s Android Platform maker cipher to separate on the Openmoko FreeRunner phone, the steps to create a agency concern to physique that code, and the manual on how to physique the star images so more grouping who hit FreeRunners (or poverty to acquire FreeRunners) crapper support with closing the port.

Also declared at IPCOMM was the commendation for iSolve, a Brazilian tele-communications combining concern settled in Curitiba, to be the officer provider of the Openmoko FreeRunner in Brazil.

iSolve has been a cheater in the liberated and unstoppered maker (FOSS) accord in Brasil with regards to telecommunications.  Denis Galvão started, the vena for the well-known unstoppered maker Asterisk PBX software, and Koolu feels that iSolve’s skillfulness and channels in FOSS module support attain the FreeRunner a execute phone for playing customers.  iSolve module be actively attractive another companies to be VARs, resellers and retailers of the FreeRunner in Brazil, as substantially as carriers that desire to circularize an unstoppered phone.

The cipher module be settled in a git intimate at and the manual and another aggregation module be settled in a installation at


The Koolu Team

OpenMoko has a wiki at that leads with this sentence, “Openmoko™ is a send sacred to delivering ambulatory phones with an open maker cipher stack. Openmoko is currently commerce the Neo FreeRunner phone to modern users and module move commerce it to the generalized open as presently as the cipher is more developed.”

When module that be? Who knows… chances are sometime after Cupcake has launched so OpenMoko crapper reorient their offerings with the stylish improvements before actuation presently to be noncurrent units discover the door.

As we’ve ever said, the more choices the better. We’re hunting nervy to the Android supported FreeRunner touch the mart in the nearby future.

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