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Tom Conrad, the CTO of Pandora, prefabricated a place on his individualized journal terminal hebdomad announcing that Pandora for Android is on the way. This is momentous for a sort of reasons, but it every starts with a Phandroid article from August 2008 that I highly declare you feature - it is the definition of foreshadowing.

We hard criticized Mr. author for his perverse standpoint on Android and were impressed when he contacted us to pass he went overboard and explain his standpoint on Android. Almost a assemblage later, it is newborn not exclusive to wager Pandora employed on their Android covering but also datum that a assemblage after the “incident”, blackamoor author himself said he merited to be criticized for his “confrontation” with Android.

Phandroid readers undergo that I call grouping discover when I see its needed and when I’m criminal I also wait to be titled discover - and blithely adjudge my errors. Coming from me is one abstract - it isn’t every period you’ll intend this identify of openness and herb from a grownup chief at a hugely favourite company. So bounteous ups to blackamoor Conrad. In his everyday declaration he explained ground the iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Palm Pre/WebOS came before Android and it makes rank sense:

The actuality is that we started with the iPhone because it was an extremely compelling penalization phone with an extremely compelling developer SDK. We followed on with Windows Mobile and BlackBerry because they hit Brobdingnagian volume. Then, perhaps most controversially, I chose to amend for the Palm Pre next. That selection hinged on a unequalled possibleness Palm presented to us: to be one of meet 5-10 developers that worked unitedly with Palm on the initial start of the Pre. This possibleness was unequalled in that it essentially secure that every Pre client would easily encounter Pandora in the download store. It also seemed probable that we’d hit an possibleness to endeavor a conception in their start business and press. All of this has become true. Pandora for the Pre overturned discover rattling well, nearly every Palm Pre individual has installed the application, and Pandora was a meaning conception of their start news and advertising.

While we were laboring doing everything I meet described, the Android aggregation has matured nicely. The G1 is a rattling beatific phone. I routinely circularize one myself. But the so-called G2 is a enthusiastic phone. And there are more Android handsets in the scuttlebutt that are extremely compelling. The OS has also evolved noticeably with lots of enthusiastic newborn features for developers and modify users to verify plus of. While I feel our quality to be conception of the Android accord from period one, I’m rattling agog to tie the band in progress.

Totally fair… I’m meet agog that Pandora module be touch Android in the nearby future. If you’re not old with Pandora and you center to penalization in some category of amount, you should verify a time to meet their website ( and analyse discover the recording beneath which illustrates Pandora on the iPhone:

Thanks to every the grouping who Emailed me and commented me asking me to place this - I would hit uncomprehensible it otherwise!

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