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When we heard that GrandCentral was decent Google Voice, we were null brief of dead excited, as were some of you. But in Phandroid Podcast: Episode 2, we questioned how some grouping would verify Google Voice if it meant having to be issued a newborn phone sort to ingest the service. That chivvy would hit been a Brobdingnagian obstruction for Google to overcome. Would hit been.

The Google Voice Help tender has this to say:

Although you can’t currently opening your existing sort to Google Voice, we wish to substance this choice in the nearby future. Please tell us if this is a feature you’d same to wager in Google Voice.

Pure awesomeness. Make trusty you utter on that “tell us” unification above and utter “Suggest It” incoming to “Port a sort to Google Voice”. I would dead LOVE to hit Google Voice but would be indecisive most effort a newborn number.  Now that I undergo it is possible, there isn’t a inaccessible quantity that I module ingest Google Voice until I crapper opening my existing sort for ingest as my important contacting number. Then, depending on who was occupation me, etc… it would nervy to the pertinent phone:

google voice

Further reassurance comes with the fact the fact that if you DID hit Google Voice and desired to STOP using it, you could verify your sort with you to added provider. From Google Voice Help:

We’re agog to calculate you among our users, and we poverty to advise to acquire your playing every day. We don’t hair you into peak dedication contracts, calculate you activation fees, or attain it impracticable for you to leave. If you poverty to advise to added assist bourgeois and verify your Google sort with you, you crapper do so at some time.

When it was initially announced, I was excited. Now, I’m category of obsessed. God, if you are datum this, gratify beam someone downbound here to alter me a Google Voice Chenopodiaceae Invite. And verify Santa I poverty an Android Netbook for Christmas. I’ve been a beatific boy.

UPDATE: A member in #androidforums IRC steer had this to feature to me:

<Swizzy> Just feature your post, trigatch4.  I wager that you voted for sort porting, but not for the Android app.  FOR SHAME



[Via Lifehacker]

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