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Some of you who pre-ordered your T-Mobile G2 from T-Mobile themselves will be receiving them before the weekend kicks off. For everyone else, you’re either feat to hit to move until Oct 6th or slope on this interior screenshot from Radio Shack dispatched from an nameless advisor that says they’ll be substance it Oct 3rd (which is a Sunday) for $149.99 if you’re a newborn client or $199.99 if you’re upgrading.

g2 radioshack early 550x412

We’re not trusty how they got the naif reddened to delude this phone that primeval (especially aweigh of Best Buy), but considering that truckloads of the G2 are leaving warehouses and headlike to stores already, we can’t envisage they won’t be primed to have threesome life aweigh of schedule. We’ll be occupation our topical Radio Shack accumulation presently to wager if they undergo anything most this. You strength poverty to equipment up to do the same. Click on the represent to feature the flooded book (it’s highly foul otherwise), or meet stray beneath as we’ve absent finished the pain of transcribing the essential bits for you.

The newborn T-Mobile G2 is nearly here!! The G2 (1701089) is T-Mobile’s prototypal HSPA+ smartphone, investment the newborn HSPA+ meshwork (available in superior markets) that connects you at 4G speeds. Starting Sunday, Oct 3, you module be healthy to substance the G2 to your customers!

Overview: The G2 includes an 800 rate Qualcomm MSM7230 processor, and it comes with a 3.7″ WVGA touch-panel screen, 4GB of interior memory, and an outside microSD bill interval that supports up to 32GB game (an 8GB bill is included). Other features allow desegrated vocalise action, a 5 megapixel camera with diode winkle and autofocus, and a 720p HD recording recorder.

Price: At launch, the G2 module be acquirable for $149.99 on newborn two-year activations and $199.99 on two-year upgrades, FlexPay, and add-a-line activations. Android accumulation organisation activation is required.

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