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If you hit been inactivity to encounter discover more most the Samsung Moment, than today it’s your opportunity. Our manful Head Chef BBQ has reviewed the stylish of the Android phones on Sprint’s line-up over at SlashGear. And apparently, he does same it.

samsung moment sprint review unit 35 r3media 540x460

Most of those who feature the glasses on the Samsung Moment, ordinarily saliva most the 800MHz processor, hey, I don’t blessed them, here between us, I did that literal thing. But, there are also things that this newborn Android phone needs, same a reworked UI – a la MOTOBLUR or HTC SENSE, for warning – and also a more comprehensive ethnic meshwork integration.

Now the keyboard, that’s the prototypal abstract that impressed everyone that handles the Samsung Moment, and Ewdi was no exception. He likes the sonic utter when apiece of the super keys are pressed, and believes that the equilibrize layout meliorate replicates that of a lawful keyboard. However, not every the keyboard is great, there are destined “annoying” things most it.

I don’t poverty to poverty it for everyone though, so if you poverty to wager more images of the Samsung Moment from Sprint, as substantially as a diminutive Screen Test recording of the bonny AMOLED capacitive display, well, nous on over to SlashGear. Enjoy!

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