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Most of you already undergo that LG has fresh jumped into the Android bandwagon with the LG GW620 or Eve, which is their prototypal smartphone streaming on Google’s liberated ambulatory OS. Now, according to the stylish rumors in the blogosphere, LG strength ingest Android OS in their crowning of the distinction phone; the PRADA.

lg prada google android rumor

Many grouping conceive this is one more gossip before the world’s maximal consumer profession tradeshow (CES) arrives. There are also rumors locution LG module be emotional a WiMAX primed figure with Sprint, using the Android OS. Other rumors feature the newborn LG phone module be streaming Windows Mobile. Heck! Apparently, nobody knows for sure.

The rumored device? The incoming LG Prada phone, or PRADA 3. If so, it would be the prototypal instance that a LG PRADA figure gets a traveler care in the US. It would also be the prototypal instance that a PRADA phone comes with a CDMA radio, instead of the GSM radio. What a pleasant constituent to Sprint’s distinction up for those subscribers who savor wealth smartphones.

Will LG alter to CES 2010 a PRADA 3 with 4G WiMAX? And if so, module it be a SIM-free and unlocked phone, or module it be a CDMA phone? Well, hit the briny primed meet in case. The actuality is, LG hit regular a render circumstance with Sprint and apparently, poet Shields module be there too.

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