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The leaked documents regarding the Samsung Fascinate for Verizon, the Samsung Galaxy S var. way to the maximal wireless traveler in the United States, ready on coming. No complaints here — but it is trusty making us poverty the 9th of Sept to become faster. Oh, and an authorised grounds from Verizon. That’d be nice, too. In the stingy time, though, we intend to look at added leaked interior Verizon writing that showcases pre-paid figure upbringing for employees.

Samsung Fascinate Verizon list 540x200

As you crapper wager from the image, the Fascinate is listed, quite simply, that it module be pronto acquirable first 09/09/2010. Considering the mounting, and hornlike to cut evidence, we’re pretty trusty that at this point, we crapper safely move forward that the Super AMOLED figure is touch Verizon shelves on that date.

Oh, here’s something else: the Fascinate is listed, along with its another Android brethren (like the Droid X and Droid 2) as existence devices that module be allowed on a pre-paid plan. Very engrossing news, in of itself, if you communicate us. Would anyone discover there favour to hit their Droid on a pre-paid plan, instead of having to clew over for those digit years?

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