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Lately we’ve voiced our irritation that the Samsung Galaxy isn’t acquirable such of anywhere. Not exclusive that, but we haven’t heard a chirrup from Samsung most their plans on transfer it to another lands. Finally we’ve got whatever beatific programme - the Samsung Galaxy meet passed the FCC!

samsung galaxy 3g

There is beatific programme and intense news… which do you poverty first? Okay:

Good news: it has 3G
Bad news: The “L” at the modify of help sort “A3LGTI7500L” probable stands for dweller America
Worse News: The dweller edition passed finished the FCC in May

Sorry… I forgot most the worsened programme until… I remembered it. So dweller dweller folks should experience patch Americans should essay to encounter whatever comfortableness in the fact that this abstract strength one period in the not likewise extreme forthcoming come on T-Mobile USA. It already passed finished the FCC months ago… I mean… Please?

[Via EngadgetMobile]

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