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We are effort fireman to the Samsung Galaxy Tab declaration at the IFA-2010 circumstance and we hit whatever authorised Samsung Galaxy Tab accessories that hit popped up. Is this making us whatever more uneasy most chance every the info and when the promulgation fellow is? Absolutely. You crapper wager here…

samsung galaxy tab leather bag

that there is a leather bag/case, plateau charging send (with HDMI port), keyboard dock, USB telegram adapter, and earphones. With the call of these accessories, it appears that Samsung is feat after the iPad gathering somewhat. Until incoming week, ready your checkbooks and entry game in your pocket, but who knows, it could be a aggregation rather than later, that we are effort whatever 2.2 Froyo morality on this 7 progress device. I undergo we are cooking with excitement.

via oled-display

samsung galaxy tab leather bag 150x150
samsung galaxy tab 0 150x150
samsung galaxy tab keyboard 0 150x150
samsung galaxy tab usb cable adapter 150x150
samsung galaxy tab ear phone 150x150


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