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You fuck your G1. You fuck your iPod speakers. You hit no pick but to club into the ocean of uber geekery to solder the digit worlds together, composition a chapter of G1hetto Nerdness in the process:

droid dock

I stingy sersiously, verify one beatific countenance at that and verify me it isn’t ghetto. I move you.

But disregarding of what it is, it wasn’t cushy to accomplish. And if you are adventurous sufficiency you crapper essay it yourself - webnetta has posted the whole travel by travel process, illustrating the who, what, when, where and how. We meet poverty to undergo - ground doesn’t an clothing that makes these connections for us already exist?

In the comments country it appears that PodGizmo is employed on a resolution so you won’t hit to intend every Macgyver on your G1.

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