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Even though T-Mobile denied that it would enable UMA occupation on their Android phones, a full slew of newborn grounds is suggesting quite the contrary. First we saw Kineto Wireless shew their UMA-powered Smart Wi-Fi app on a poorly hidden Samsung Vibrant, then we spied a leaked writing claiming the feature would be acquirable on the LG Optimus when it touches downbound on the carrier, and today a kindred writing is suggesting the feature module be on a whatever more “select Android devices.” One of those devices module be hour another than the upcoming T-Mobile G2.

There are whatever downsides to the UMA service, as it won’t only assistance soured calls between WiFi and your cancellated network. Instead if you yield WiFi news you module modify your call. The assist also won’t be pronto acquirable on every Android phones on TMo.

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Speaking of things that won’t be acquirable on TMo, the consort has become discover locution tethering module not be acquirable for the G2. Their rational has more to do with the fact that they don’t hit the needed assist plans ordered up kinda than ultimate ignorance to a feature that whatever crave.

“T-Mobile does not currently hold phone tethering or substance a tethering evaluate plan. Though tethering and Wi-Fi distribution module not be initially based on the T-Mobile G2, we undergo that consumers are fascinated in these features and we are employed to amend a resolution to hold them in the future.”

Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but that evidence leaves unstoppered a aggregation of shack for wish that tethering module attain its artefact to the G2 (or at small whatever another TMo Android) eventually. The phone is ordered to modify Oct 6th.

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