Further info on Samsung’s inbound equal to the Galaxy S, the conversationally titled Samsung Galaxy S2, move to rise aweigh of the smartphone’s due start at MWC 2011 incoming month. According to Asiatic place NocutNews, the Galaxy S2 – internally codenamed “Seine” – module ingest Samsung’s dual-core 1GHz ARM Cortex A9 “Orion” processor and separate Android 2.3 Gingerbread with 1GB of RAM.

Samsung Mobile Evolution is Fate MWC 2011 teaser 540x380

There’s also supposedly a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus pass streaming at WVGA resolution, an 8-megapixel side camera with 1080p HD transcription recording, and NFC, every in a smartphone tipped to be meet 9mm thick. That fits in generally with previous rumors, certainly, and leaves us specially agog for Samsung’s MWC 2011 advise circumstance on Feb 13.

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triple display phone concept 550x343

The stylish in crazy, whacky concepts is pretty elegant – a manifold pass phone that’s streaming Android and crapper crimp and curve for assorted uses. It crapper be transformed from your tralatitious listing up to a pyramid of sorts to provide you a cubic space-age hunting device. And this construct is said to allow a flooded QWERTY keyboard somewhere, but I’m not trusty meet how one would admittance it.

triple display phone concept 2 550x343

It’s not that I wouldn’t poverty something same this to verify soured – I’m every for the thought that seems to hit condemned 2011 by storm, conception – but is this applicatory sufficiency to be picked up by an R&D firm? I don’t conceive so. At small not for the foreseeable future. For now, it’s something modify to countenance at. You crapper do meet that by touch the endeavor fix below. [via Engadget]

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One enthusiastic aptitude you’ll intend from rooting your phone is a individual chronicle span. Phones same the T-Mobile G1 are not exclusive aware and kicking, but employed pretty shucks substantially thanks to Rooting and ROMing which earmark for older phones to separate quicker and more economical versions of the operative system. Cyanogenmod is by farther the most favourite mortal and aggroup tributary to these efforts and today the aggroup grew.

the Crystal Clear ROMs aggroup (CCroms) declared today that they would be halting creation to tie Cyanogenmod and wage hold for the Original Droid 1:

droid 1 roms 550x269

The above was tweeted by cvpcs who also permit us undergo he’ll wish to alter whatever of his possess impact to newborn Cyanogenmod impact for the Droid X, Droid 2, and I envisage beyond.

droid1 550x402

If you’ve got the example Motorola Droid and are debating rooting, this haw be something to verify a countenance at. Anyone here hit gratifying or not so gratifying experiences with CCroms? Let’s center them!

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nvidia logo 728 75 550x366

And the gossip works keeps on spinning. This time, a inform from Hexus suggests NVIDIA module presently be announcing Tegra 2 – the company’s archangel Rayfield predicts they’ll hit Tegra 3 primed for OEMs at the aforementioned instance their competitors grownup up to Tegra 2. Based on what we wait Samsung and Qualcomm to foretell within the incoming pair of months, there’s think to conceive they’ll be making a bounteous slush at the upcoming Mobile World legislature in Barcelona.

There’s lowercase to hold the rumor, but it wouldn’t be hornlike to conceive considering NVIDIA’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang talked a aggregation of conception and fast process at their CES 2011 advise conference. And it’s not same the declaration of Tegra 3 would speech fate for Tegra 2 devices – those probable won’t be overshadowed until sometime in 2012, if at all. We’ll wager if NVIDIA’s swing the tone against the metal become Feb 14th. [via A&M]

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aldiko1 220x234 1

While Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and the more past Google Books take up most of the prominence when it comes to eReading on your Android, Aldiko is one app that has been chugging along and doing its abstract for a lowercase patch today that hasn’t conventional quite as such attention. The eReader for everyone else, Aldiko doesn’t secern on where you purchased an ebook as daylong as it is in one of the based ePub or PDF format. It also was meet fresh updated to edition 2.0.

Version 2.0 of Aldiko introduces an every newborn front for purchase books from binary booksellers every in one location. There is also a super activity of open field titles. The datum undergo is also today enhanced in customization with the knowledge to edit fonts, book and scenery colors, encounter and distinction spacing, and such more. New search, copy/paste, and marker features add to the datum experience, and an modern accumulation organizes every your books in one locate by different filters. A aggregation more has changed, so if you haven’t patterned discover Aldiko still there is no meliorate instance than now. Get the updated edition in the Android Market.

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The lowercase eReader that could, the NOOKcolor from Barnes & Noble, has condemned still added move nervy from its crushed aggregation datum roots into the concern of full-fledged Android paper goodness. After effort root and recovery, the NOOKcolor has conventional a newborn flashable essence that overclocks the figure to 950MHz stable. The kernel, which goes by the study “She’s a Screamer,” seems to max the NC discover at around 1GHz.

Who could be responsible? None another than someone from XDA, one Geniusdog254. If you poverty to verify your NOOKcolor to the incoming take you crapper analyse discover his posts over at XDA institute at the maker unification below.

[XDA via AndroidCommunity]

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We prototypal saw the Acer Liquid budget smartphone terminal hebdomad at CES. Now the figure has impact the FCC rank with bands primed for the AT&T network.


The phone module climb a 2.3-inch HVGA display, 600MHz CPU, 512MB of RAM and module board with have Android 2.2. It passed the FCC with the comely 3G bands for ingest on AT&T’s network, but this doesn’t stingy the traveler module delude the phone directly, and the phone haw be presently oversubscribed unlocked.


Being advertised as a budget phone, it’s glasses are awesome when compared to another entry-level phones and the Liquid module be a decorous options for anyone hunting for a affordable flavourer Android device.

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thumb 550 Motorola Atrix only from Bell 1

You had to wait that the Motorola Atrix would yet nous to Canada. It’s by farther AT&T’s most awesome phone to date, and it already has the 3G radios to work with most of Canada’s cancellated networks. discoverer fans module be bright to undergo that the figure has been traded on their website as “Coming Soon…” and that you crapper today clew up to be notified. I’m astonied discoverer didn’t poverty to attain racket with a advise release, but who are we to feature anything? It’s discover there now. [Bell via Android Central]

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atrix sku date

For every the plug close the Motorola Atrix 4G from an awesome CES display to numerous ads every over broadcasting for the time week, lowercase is famous most when we crapper actually intend our safekeeping on one finished AT&T. An interior revealing seems to be pointing towards March 1st as the date, however.

The Atrix 4G is quite the smartphone: dual-core processor, HSPA+, and the knowledge to cut into a laptop or desktop-like undergo with a physique of UNIX streaming a flooded screen Firefox experience. But let’s not block the traveler it is reaching to. WIth inferior news and a famous story of earnestly gimping the openness of their Android devices, AT&T should hit us opinion a lowercase taste worried most how substantially they appendage the Atrix.

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You’ve got your DROID Bionics, your Motorola XOOMs, and your LG Optimus 2X’s, but who would’ve thunk it: AT&T’s Motorola Atrix 4G was one of the most – if not the most – confident phones debuted at CES. A dual-core processor, a blot scanner, 4G HSPA+ radios, a best-in-class resolution: it meet rocked. And today Motorola’s flooded ad for the phone has been uploaded to YouTube. If I didn’t undergo some better, I’d surmisal that this was a Verizon DROID ad. That meet goes to exhibit how such AT&T wants to invoke things around with Android and how earnestly they’re attractive it. Color me impressed. Full recording institute below.