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The aggroup employed on the Trapster app (that one that helps you pace and evaluation pace traps and break into walls and etc,) hit dispatched warning that their place has been compromised, and that indeed the emails and passwords of thousands of their users had been condemned – condemned for what, you haw ask? Taken for whatever spam! A adjuvant Android Community advisor by the study of Pam has tipped us soured to this intense event, recounting for us just what happened to her and the telecommunicate dispatched discover by Trapster as warning to others.


First verify a countenance at Pam’s statement of her situation, including a taste of a logout of her Gmail account, a countersign change, and a telecommunicate move attempt:

Yesterday, my Android phone was suasion me to clew into my gmail accout with the login nonachievement picture in the position bar. I had not proven to clew into my gmail since the period before but entered my countersign & it would not accept it. I had to move until I was bag after to clew into my laptop. My gmail statement immediatley, directed me to modify my countersign without gift me the choice to ready my existing password-very odd. I denaturized my countersign & upon inaugural my telecommunicate I attending that I hit a, “Delivery to the mass acquirer unsuccessful permanently”…”I” allegedly, proven to telecommunicate ALL my contacts with the following:

http:// zuxopati.110mb .com/ vecowibo.html
Sel lYou rCrea tiveM indO nli ne

Of course, I never proven to telecommunicate every my contacts with anything, ever.

Then verify a look at the communication she conventional via telecommunicate from Trapster at 2:07 AM today (not trusty what instance zone) :

Dear Trapster User:

The Trapster aggroup has fresh scholarly that our website has been the
target of a hacking attempt, and it is doable that your email
address and countersign were compromised. We hit taken, and move to
take, healthful measures to refrain forthcoming incidents but we are
recommending that you modify your Trapster password. As always,
Trapster recommends that you ingest characteristic passwords for apiece site
you visit, but if you ingest the aforementioned countersign on Trapster that you use
on another services, we propose that you modify your countersign on those
services as well.

For aggregation on how to set your countersign or meliorate the section of your passwords for your cyberspace usage, gratify utter FAQs.

The Trapster Team

Of course, this aforementioned position strength not hap to you, as Pam does adjudge to having utilised the aforementioned countersign on her Trapster statement as she did on her Gmail account:

I was dopy sufficiency to create an statement with the Trapster app in primeval 2009 using the aforementioned countersign as my gmail (I proven the app & didn’t pain to download it onto my 5 phones since-I worked for a wireless carrier.) I’ve never been phished or hijacked before; but, receiving this telecommunicate from Trapster is likewise concurrent to my unsuccessful endeavor telecommunicate & gmail recquiring me to modify my password. I’m trusty it’s happened to another readers too.

But the fact of the concern relic the aforementioned – conceal your accounts, conceal your emails, conceal your passwords, because they hacking everybody up in here.

– Thanks for the tip, Pam, we revalue it a bunch!


And it’s on an iPhone 4, snap! We requirement to travel up with Android and fissure downbound if we’re gonna grownup up with this strange modification. Closest abstract I’ve seen to this on an Android phone as of New was someone scratching the black color soured of their utterer so that it’d be plate instead. Wild.

Screen shot 2011 01 20 at 11.59.38 AM

There isn’t meet a full aggregation of clog to wager exclusive the iPhone as apparently Apple never witting them (or at small this model) to be someone in much a way, but it’s pretty superior nonetheless. Do you hit a housing teenager you’d same to share, rather one finished on an Android phone? Please see liberated to deal beneath or in the forums!

We’d fuck to verify a peek!

[Via PocketLint]


Sony Ericsson’s upcoming Hallon smartphone has been good previewed over at Mobile-Review, and patch the smartphone – which they’re referring to as the Vivaz 2, but which we’ve heard of as the Hallon – haw essentially countenance aforementioned a tweaked Vivaz with Symbian tangled soured in souvenir of Android 2.3 Gingerbread, it ease manages to intend a constructive review. Sony Ericsson has updated the pass to 480 x 854 resolution, and the 1GHz MSM7630 mainframe matched with Adreno 205 graphics keeps things agitated well.

sony ericsson hallon

The camera is the aforementioned 8-megapixel EXMOR R expert that Sony Ericsson has utilised in the XPERIA Arc, which also meets with approval, and the coverall instrument is that this is a possibleness best-seller in its segment.


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triple display phone concept 550x343

The stylish in crazy, whacky concepts is pretty elegant – a manifold pass phone that’s streaming Android and crapper crimp and curve for assorted uses. It crapper be transformed from your tralatitious listing up to a pyramid of sorts to provide you a cubic space-age hunting device. And this construct is said to allow a flooded QWERTY keyboard somewhere, but I’m not trusty meet how one would admittance it.

triple display phone concept 2 550x343

It’s not that I wouldn’t poverty something same this to verify soured – I’m every for the thought that seems to hit condemned 2011 by storm, conception – but is this applicatory sufficiency to be picked up by an R&D firm? I don’t conceive so. At small not for the foreseeable future. For now, it’s something modify to countenance at. You crapper do meet that by touch the endeavor fix below. [via Engadget]

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sidekick logo 250

Been a daylong instance since we heard this one. Since T-Mobile killed soured the SideKick brand, we’ve heard rumors of T-Mobile wanting to reignite it with Android and a newborn element manufacturer. Those rumors started as primeval as the first of Summer: advert “Project Emerald“? Yea, we haven’t talked most it for months as instance has become and passed without a chirrup regarding a newborn SideKick.

But according to reports conventional by TmoNews – from a clump of grouping who attended a municipality hall gathering – there is a SideKick 4G. It’ll dress Android 2.3 and HSPA+ radios, reportedly. And in genuine SideKick fashion, it’ll hit a swivel-out QWERTY keyboard. The actual news is that every of this was supposedly revealed at whatever municipality hall gathering – really? Of every places, a municipality hall meeting? Whatever. There’s the rumor. We’ll be dig for more presently enough.

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gingerbread zombie painting 300x200

Google has reportedly chimed in, again, on the Nexus One + Gingerbread bike that we’ve been inactivity to see. “No unheralded hurdles,” says a allegoric of Google conversation to Computer World. They land a listing discover should be event soon. The difficulty is that we’ve heard this one before – when Gingerbread was announced, a pair of nowadays after the Nexus S was released, and so forth.

What gives, Google? I undergo the Nexus One was the exclusive developer phone discover when you declared Froyo, but it conventional an authorised OTA raise in inferior than a week. Why hasn’t the aforementioned been genuine for Gingerbread? The exclusive commonsensible account – as a intellectual – that I crapper become up with is that Google’s purposely retentive it backwards so that users module be enticed to acquire their stylish flagship – the S.

I know, I know: idle speculation. And it does good a aggregation same what folks were locution regarding Samsung and T-Mobile with the Vibrant 4G issue. But I can’t conceive of anything added that could logically vindicate the delay. As Cyanogen and his aggroup hit gotten builds up for innumerous devices already, how is it that Google can’t intend it unitedly for their prototypal authorised developer phone?

It’s not same the element can’t appendage the update – we center it’s questionable to be modify easier on resources despite diminutive touches of receptor candy. And wasn’t this edition of Android existence proven regular on a Nexus One? Come on, Google.

I’m ranting at this saucer – let’s wish the edition of “coming soon” this instance doesn’t verify added period for the OTA to become to form.

So you strength hit been here a patch ago, correct around ten life ago I conceive it was, when we scholarly programme of a fastening of updates for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 beyond 2.1, that effectuation no Froyo for you. Sony’s rational backwards then was that they’d believed, or decided, that the underway Xperia arrange was meliorate on Android 2.1 “coupled with Sony Ericsson’s copyrighted upgrades and unequalled hardware.” Turns discover that evidence advance to a slightly more unexploded one that most grouping missed.

whyyyyyySony Ericsson XPERIA X10 Android phone 18 SlashGear 540x407

We were concealed around whatever articles from over a hebdomad past for whatever think or added over on TechRadar and institute a taste of rational that we conceive hasn’t been right peeked at. A man Nathan Vautier, UK MD for the UK and island for Sony Ericsson sat downbound with TechRadar and told them that the think was that patch they’d been healthy to “uncouple” the Timescape User Interface from the Android operative grouping on the Xperia Arc, they’d had no much phenomenon on the Xperia X10.

To that we feature shucks. Of instruction they module be sending discover more updates to the phone right the OS, but no food because of UI. That meet goes to exhibit you – don’t wad your UI likewise unfathomable into your handset, because you strength never be healthy to intend that icy food you’ve ever wanted.

[Via TechRadar]


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Despite Motorola continually making whatever of the hottest Android handsets – and the ornament continues with the Atrix – whatever of the most aroused Android fans respond to embellish customers because of a “locked bootloader”. Manufacturers protection their bootloader essentially prevents rooting, and when one YouTuber spoken their displeasure, a MOTO employee uncharacteristically effort back, saying:

if you poverty to do bespoken roms, then acquire elsewhere, we’ll move with our strategy that is employed thanks.

As you crapper expect, this wasn’t meet substantially conventional by the generalized Android-loving public. However, the motion of one employee isn’t specular of a consort and Motorola has pronto attempted to connector the difficulty on Facebook:

bootloader 550x242

Props to the artefact Motorola is direction the ordeal. They could hit meet deleted the comments and endeavor it never happened. Nope. They manned up and posted an apology. Not exclusive that, but they also declared they’re employed on a resolution to bootloader annoyances that irritate so some storage devs and rooters.

Hopefully they study finished on that terminal tidbit, but until then, pleasant employ motion it around. How do you conceive this module endeavor out? Just lip assist to attain your block their foul-up or module they study finished on the bootloader business?

[Thanks, Trident!]

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acer logo 300x300

Looks same one of Acer’s income managers got aweigh of himself when stating they were attempting to form discover netbooks in souvenir of coercive tablets. Acer had to apace travel in and supply an authorised evidence locution that’s not their content at all. If anything, it sounds same they poverty the digit technology paradigms to kudos apiece another and technologically converge: thus the flourishing activity of tablet/netbook hybrids we were astonied with at this year’s CES. Sounds beatific to me! Just as daylong as you guys rest phans of Android, we’ll rest fans of yours. [via CrunchGear]

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nationwide app 180x300

Nationwide declared weekday that their Android app is today acquirable for those who ingest them for insurance. The app is full featured allowing you to enter an shelter verify and intend the impact feat from the region of your assistance – quite the accessible agency if you’re in a filthy ruin on the lateral of the agency with null but your radiophone phone.

"The Nationwide Mobile App for iPhone and iPod contact has been rattling flourishing and generated a aggregation of buzz," said Dennis Giglio, assort evilness chair of Digital Marketing for Nationwide. "We desired to physique on this success by expanding the accomplish of our ambulatory capabilities to a wider arrange of customers by adding an Android app and rising our ambulatory website.”

Go aweigh and construe that QR cipher beneath if you’re with Nationwide. I’m trusty it wouldn’t perceive to ready this one in your app tray for those unheralded situations.