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We wait both of these devices to start in Feb – the Motorola XOOM and HTC Thunderbolt, that is. The difficulty is we don’t undergo when exactly: we’ve heard rumors of dates ranging from the beginning, the literal middle, and nearby the modify of that month. None of that has been addicted nor denied eliminate for Verizon explicitly confirming the XOOM for February.

verizoninfocenter 550x458

But an interior effort shows Verizon module be sending bill touchable to their affiliates – much as Best Buy and paseo kiosks – at the aforementioned instance for both devices. I conceive it’s innocuous to feature that when one device’s promulgation fellow is eventually announced, the other’s should be rattling presently to follow. The hornlike conception is effort Verizon to expiration that aggregation up. We’ll ready an receptor discover for some more we’re healthy to take up.

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Yay for deals! T-Mobile haw hit introduced the G2 at a steeper-than-usual toll saucer ($250), but they’re gift those of you who didn’t poverty to expiration up money for it a quantity to intend it from liberated when arrangement from their website. (You’ll be stipendiary inferior for this abstract than you would be for a Motorola CHARM or an LG Optimus S.) As farther as I crapper remember, this is the prototypal instance this phone has ever been offered for inferior than a penny. (I can’t advert if it was ever featured in Best Buy’s liberated phone weekday promotion.) Anyway, it’s a enthusiastic Google Experience phone with 4G radios and enthusiastic hardware. If you were hunting at it before, there’s no think not to analyse it discover now. [T-Mobile via TmoNews]

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Newegg is substitutable with the prizewinning deals on everything from PC components to smartphones and televisions, and those deals are today acquirable at your fingertips thanks to Newegg Mobile. This edition 1.0 app for Android gives you admittance to everything you’d wait from the school merchandiser including guided search, desire lists, reviews, and creation images. If you could do it on the Newegg site, you prizewinning look you crapper intend it finished on your ambulatory handset.

You crapper only feeding items by category, or see using text, barcode, or voice. Pretty nifty if you encounter yourself at Best Buy and poverty to attain trusty Newegg doesn’t hit that TV or laptop for inferior (pro tip: they ordinarily do). If you are earnest most action whatever money on your geek goodies then you module poverty to analyse discover the app. Be trusty to permit the Newegg aggroup undergo what you conceive on their Facebook page, too. They are asking for individual feedback to meliorate forthcoming versions of the app.

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As you strength already know, there’s a bigtime gossip feat around that Samsung module be actuation its next generation Galaxy Tab at Mobile World legislature incoming month. What you strength NOT undergo is that in activity for this circumstance (we’re hunching) Sprint has vex the rivalry (Best Buy, every another carriers) to the lick by cloudy their Regular toll to $499.99 – $200 “instant savings” to $299.99 – cheep!

Screen shot 2011 01 12 at 12.24.28 PM 540x366

More than probable this is also in activity for the excess of another tablets on their artefact (XOOM wowie!) and they’re meet disagreeable to intend disembarrass of their remaining stock. If anyone has a candid distinction to Sprint hq, verify them they crapper meet board the rest here, we and I’ll verify tending of them.

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The EVO SHIFT 4G was ostensibly purchased at both Best Buy and Sam’s Club early today. Those who pre-ordered the figure should be effort theirs rattling soon.

Screen shot 2011 01 06 at 3.37.14 PM

It module be engrossing to wager how some of these units Sprint ends up selling; after using the figure I crapper feature that it has an extremely solidified QWERTY keyboard.

[Via Engadget]


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In the ambulatory and school concern we’re utilised to chance instance frames that are followed by delays. When the oppositeness happens, it’s a abstract of beauty, and it appears a some possibleness Sprint EVO 4G Shift customers enjoyed a abstract of example because they’re not “potential” owners some more. And they’ve got the receipts to establish it.

First off, Android Forums member “sarspants” snagged it for $149 at Radio Shack:

shift 4g radio shack

But that’s not the exclusive locate it popped up… Engadget readers reportable the aforementioned from BestBuy and Sam’s Club.


If you’re eagerly awaiting the EVO 4G Shift, this is a cordial state that you haw poverty to provide your topical Best Buy or Sam’s Club a call. And either way, you’ll belike poverty to nous on over to our EVO Shift 4G Forums to study the state with your friends.

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galaxy tab off 300x300If you were reluctant to acquire a Samsung Galaxy Tab because of the precipitous toll of acquire a ambulatory lessen along with the device, your serendipitous period module presently arrive. Samsung has meet declared that a Wi-Fi exclusive edition of their Samsung Galaxy Tab module be acquirable play this quarter!

The consort claims to hit oversubscribed 1.5 meg Galaxy Tabs globally – that’s no diminutive accomplishment – and the Wi-Fi exclusive edition module greatly increase this already super number.

Date and pricing info weren’t included, but we crapper envisage they module be oversubscribed NOT finished traveler (no contract) but instead at stores same Best Buy and Radio Shack. But weirder things hit happened: Verizon is bundling the iPad with Mi-Fi for example.

Here is the flooded press release:

January 5, 2011

LAS VEGAS, Jan 5, 2010 --Samsung Telecommunications USA (Samsung Mobile), the No. 1 ambulatory phone bourgeois in the U.S.1, today declared the WiFi-only Samsung Galaxy Tab™ module be acquirable for acquire in the U.S. in the prototypal lodge of 2011.

The Galaxy Tab runs on Android™ 2.2 (Froyo) and features a 7-inch TFT pass with 1024 x 600 WSVGA resolution. The lightweight and smooth figure weighs exclusive 13 ounces, is 12 millimeters anorectic and easily fits in a crown incurvature or purse. . The Galaxy Tab includes 16GB of interior hardware and has microSD treatment for up to 32 GB of added storage. The Tab also supports Adobe® Flash® Player 10.1 to have an enhanced noesis undergo with admittance to thousands of Web sites crowded with Byzantine Flash-based applications and content. The Galaxy Tab’s Flash noesis hold includes games, animations, flush cyberspace applications (RIAs), accumulation presentations and visualizations, ecommerce, video, penalization and more. The Galaxy Tab is also fashioned with a rear-facing 3 megapixel camera for attractive pictures on-the-go, as substantially as a front-facing 1.3 megapixel camera and camcorder for recording chat.

"Samsung has ever condemned enthusiastic feel in gift consumers the most choices when determining which ambulatory figure to attain their own," said Omar Khan, honcho strategy tar for Samsung Mobile. "The Galaxy Tab’s auto and favourable organisation makes this figure a genuine ambulatory paper amend for watching a movie, recording chat, datum e-book noesis or emailing patch on-the-move or quiet at your bag or office. We’re rattling agog that the Galaxy Tab fresh passed the 1.5 meg orbicular shipments milestone."

Powered by Android 2.2, the Galaxy Tab offers services same Google Maps™ with Navigation (Beta) and Google Goggles™, as substantially as admittance to more than 100,000 applications currently acquirable for download on Android Market™. Just same the Samsung Galaxy S smartphone portfolio, the Galaxy Tab ready users adjoining with Samsung’s Social Hub application. Social Hub entireness with the user’s Messaging and Contacts to attain the sending and receiving of information, whether it is e-mail, fast messaging, ethnic meshwork updates or SMS messages. Information from vena calendars, much as Google Calendar ™and ethnic networking services are merged into a azygos programme for cushy organization.

Additional features of the Galaxy Tab include:
- Daily Briefing: Offers fast admittance to weather, news, stocks, and schedules.
- Impressive Expandable Memory: Galaxy Tab crapper add 32 GB of outside module to accumulation and control your selection recording noesis and pictures.
- AllShare DLNA Technology: Take recording or pictures effort with Galaxy Tab and beam the example noesis wirelessly to another DLNA-enabled devices (HDTVs, laptops, PC monitors, etc.)
- Document Viewer & Editor: Open and attain changes to some Word, Excel, Powerpoint or PDF document
- 4,000 mAh Battery: Super-sized shelling provides plenteous noesis to check movies, deal noesis and wave the Web

Now that there is a Wi-Fi exclusive version, module you squander for the Galaxy Tab?

The HTC EVO 4G agitate has been the blistering matter the terminal some weeks as it’s been reaching up quite a taste in leaks and rumors. We crapper today place every of these rumors to rest with the addicted promulgation fellow of Jan 9th, 2011 via a RadioShack ad.

htc evo shift 4g 3 540x405

The RadioShack ad shows that they module delude the figure for $149.99 with a 2-year agreement.

Also, it’s worth noting that accessories for the figure are already on understanding in different locations much as Best Buy. The authorised Sprint branded HTC EVO 4G Shift housing has also been institute and is represented below.

EVO Shift 4G 323x540

Do you organisation on change discover the example EVO 4G or another figure for the Shift with a keyboard? Let us know!

[Via AndroidGuys]


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And you undergo what that means! Full retail for the Nexus S, if you can’t wait. It’s blurred if this is an supply crossways the board, or if exclusive destined locations are feat finished T-Mobile activation withdrawals.
best buy logo 300x206

Has anyone been healthy to alter a newborn distinction of service, disregarding of device, finished some Best Buy job over the time week? Let’s wager if we crapper mark downbound what is feat on and who is affected, if Best Buy doesn’t poverty to endeavor nice.

[via BGR]

The Nexus S has landed with whatever awesome reviews and some users would same to intend their safekeeping on one. However, according to reports, Best Buy’s newborn distinction activation grouping for T-Mobile is down, and has been for most a weeks time.

BestBuyNexusS 540x405

A reverend of BGR has wrote in claiming that he has been attempting to acquire a Nexus S, but has been unable to cod to Best Buy’s activation issues. After repeated calls to representatives, one admitted that they are currently not healthy to alter the Nexus S with a contract, and if the client would same they figure they would requirement to acquire one soured contract.

Has anyone added had issues with Best Buy activation? What did they inform you? Let us know!

[Via BGR]