Yesterday one of the comments from Motorola on the authorised YouTube Atrix ad was picked up by the internet. The interpret was simple, “if you poverty to do bespoken roms, then? acquire elsewhere.” Well, they hit today issued an defence stating that the salutation does not emit the views of Motorola Mobility.

motorola mobility 600x106 540x951

We excuse for the feedback we provided regarding our bootloader policy. The salutation does not emit the views of Motorola.

We are employed intimately with our partners to substance a bootloader resolution that module enable developers to ingest our devices as a utilization papers patch ease protecting our users’ interests. solon careful aggregation module study as we intend fireman to availability.

Even though they land that this is not their contract we every undergo they ease hit a brawny instrument on rooting and using bespoken ROMs, but existence a field consort they crapper not be as forthright most it as that limited YouTube interpret was.

What do you think? Does Motorola’s demanding contract and restrictions ready you from purchase a branded device? Let us undergo in the comments!

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Honeycomb was not exclusive the blistering matter at this year’s CES, it’s ease the speech of the net. And though we won’t be sight anything Honeycomb for at small a month, that hasn’t obstructed developers from transfer a taste of the newness to underway Android devices.

honeycomb clock1 337x600 303x540

One much application, 3.0 Honeycomb Clock, brings in a imitated Honeycomb measure widget correct into your homescreen. The covering module become in both fatless and paying versions. The fatless edition module exclusive feature the chromatic measure patch the paying edition ($1.00) module provide you admittance to binary colors.

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robberOne abstract that separates beatific developers from enthusiastic developers is act with their community. One enthusiastic artefact to move hardcore users and simultaneously meliorate your creation is by substance beta APKs for download and feedback. Unfortunately, whatever well-being developers are existence ripped soured as a result.

Earlier this period we saw the developer of Iron Soldiers hit his beta mettlesome taken and uploaded to the market. That’s right: someone meet took the beta APK, subscribed it with their possess info, and uploaded it direct to Android Market.

That’s despicable. Months of hornlike impact compromised in a concern of minutes. Isn’t there a artefact to kibosh this? Not at the moment, but I’ve got digit suggestions for Google and one for developers:

Unpublishable Package Names

Every azygos Android Application or Game has something titled a “package name”. It’s a unequalled ordered of characters that identifies an app. Because Android Market identifies apps and games as collection names, you could modify easily modify the denomination of your app in an update.

For example, the collection study for Google Maps crapper be institute at its page: holograph to the lowermost mitt and you’ll wager it (

mystery box 150x150Unsigned APKs crapper be easily jacked by rapscallion developers, they meet hit to clew it themselves and upload to their mart account. But what if the actual developer ALREADY signs it? You’ve ease got the aforementioned difficulty with a whatever key details:

  • If the beta app has never been launched on Android Market, Google module hit no achievement of it, so the prototypal mortal to upload it to Android Market with that collection study module intend “credit” for actuation with that collection name.
  • Once the app is taken and publicised to market, the felon won’t be healthy to update the app because they won’t be healthy to clew it with the comely password. Plus the REAL developer module be using a newborn collection name. But at this point, the alteration has been done.

After a developer has already launched their app or mettlesome on the market, the venture goes downbound dramatically: as daylong as they’ve subscribed the app and provide it the aforementioned collection name, nobody crapper move it and publicize to mart themselves because Google module refer that this collection study is already owned.

But today you’ve got a newborn problem. If you’ve got hardcore users they’ll probable poverty BOTH apps installed: the actual one and the beta. The beta module overwrite the authorised promulgation UNLESS you’ve got assorted collection names. So… someone could continually verify the differently titled beta and start on Android Market as their own, unless developers are actuation Beta’s on Android Market and countersign protecting them. Which, become to conceive of it, isn’t a intense idea.

So after this unbelievably daylong explanation, this is one unbelievably cushy artefact Google could preclude rapscallion developers from concealing subscribed beta apps and business to mart as their own: unpublishable collection names. Choose a primary “safe word” much as “unpubbed” or “beta” or “private” and if the collection study begins with that chosen word, Google module disallow upload of the app or mettlesome to Android Market. Easy peasy.

Reserved Package Names

Perhaps an modify easier choice would be to earmark developers to index into their accounts and ordered collection obloquy that they’d aforementioned to ingest in the future. So for example, I could inform Google I’ve got this newborn app I’m employed on and the collection study is “”. They would then bond this collection study to my developer statement so nobody added could upload an app with that collection name… so my unpublished beta with collection study “” would be junked to whatever anticipative thief.

Hey Developers, Protect Yourself!

If you’ve already paying for a developer account, it costs you null to publicize an app or game. Why not denomination your app “Private Beta: App Name”, opt a clannish beta collection name, countersign protect your app so exclusive those who you provide the countersign to crapper effort it out, publicize to Android Market, and attain trusty every APK you deal has that aforementioned collection name?

Problem solved. Developers CAN protect themselves… but it wouldn’t perceive if Google locate whatever measures into locate to preclude the intense guys from doing insane things. Afterall, whatever grouping don’t poverty their apps or games to materialize on mart at ALL preceding to launch.

So, developers… hit daylong nights and cheetoh-stained fingers led you to whatever another revelations on how you, and man developers, crapper protect their hornlike work?

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RealPlayer was free for Android every the artefact backwards in June. Being downloaded over a meg times, developers impact conventional a aggregation of feedback which they utilised to boost meliorate the application.


The covering has been all re-designed supported on this individual feedback and the updated edition has meet impact the Android Market. The update includes an overhauled individual programme that has been fashioned to attain accessing and enjoying media more seamless.

Specifically, the update includes:

-A redesigned bag screen
-A widget allowing playback from the bag screen
-Enhanced graphics
-A feature for videos and strain removal
-An reinforced artefact to superior directories for music, videos and photos
-Landscape fashion for penalization playback
-Music playback by directory folder
-A hurried artefact to conceal recording position bar
-A activity for recording characteristic ratio
-Removal of the curve wheel
-Support for penalization playlists playback 

The RealNetworks aggroup is again unstoppered to suggestions to boost meliorate their already favourite application. You crapper analyse discover the update today in the Android Market.

QR Code:
Screen shot 2011 01 18 at 5.31.09 PM

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Still meet emotional the ostensibly large turn of interviews and tiny tips they conventional at CES 2011, Pocket Lint today lets lax a lowercase discourse they had with Steven Walker, performing nous of orbicular marketing at Sony Ericsson. In this interview, Walker lets the concern undergo that they don’t organisation on employed with Microsoft on Windows Phone correct this moment, having worked with them on a sort of 6.x products but not quite opinion same they requirement some “concrete announcement” when or if they’ll impact with Windows Phone 7. On that note, Walker does support they’ll move to promulgation a large turn of Android product: “We wager the requirement as an business to surface behindhand the Android ecosystem to create a brawny ecosystem for consumers.”


Is this exciting? Sure it is! Walker believes that Android module yet get discover in the ambulatory operative grouping wars: “We requirement to do this so that there module exclusive be a destined sort of eco-systems that module prevail. Developers won’t amend for 17 eco-systems. Consumers won’t opt between 100 assorted eco-systems. In the modify exclusive a destined sort module prevail”

Finally, Walker notes that in 2010 they didn’t encounter it every that needed to promulgation phones on the most underway Android OS. This assemblage (2011) they organisation to see from their mistakes: “That said we are actuation a creation in Q1 of this assemblage streaming 2.3, we hit constituted the requirement to hit our products on the stylish release. Last assemblage we didn’t look the capableness of opinion that consumers would hit towards the Android release. And again that was a acquisition undergo of the prototypal assemblage of accumulation mart Android smartphones.”

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We hit already talked most the Amazon Android app accumulation a some nowadays since the accumulation eventually opened on the developer end of things to intend apps unsmooth up for start on the accumulation primeval this month. ITProPortal reports that it has scholarly that the developers module into be the ones environment prices on the store.

amazon appstore android 540x2391

The devs module accede and app along with an MSRP for what the app should delude for. Amazon module then opt the toll it wants to delude the app at. Amazon could modify end to substance the app free.

I can’t wager that feat over substantially with devs if they intellection their app is worth $1.99 and Amazon decides to attain it free. The another supply is that Amazon devs could be unnatural to turn the toll of an app to correct its toll on Amazon’s accumulation elsewhere.


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sony ericsson android

If you didn’t conceive them once, then Sony Ericsson wants to verify you again: they’re every in with Android and it’ll belike meet that artefact for a while. They didn’t feature every of their foodstuff would rest in the Android goal forever – citing uncomprehensible opportunities – but professes that adopting another ambulatory operative systems much as Meego and Windows Phone 7 aren’t something they’re hunting at until the ecosystems for those acquire and improve.

We undergo Sony Ericsson isn’t a one OS OEM: they were one of Symbian’s large (and last) supporters up until primeval 2010, and they had a some WinMo products to offer. But for them to take Windows Phone 7 or some another free-for-all OS, they’ll requirement to wager resistless developer hold and indisputable nous deal from investors, users, developers, and anyone added involved.

It’s not different Motorola who – patch they’ve been one of the large Android-exclusive manufacturers – aren’t against attractive a countenance at another options sometime in the future. Just don’t wait that forthcoming to be tomorrow, incoming month, or modify incoming year. [via Pocket-Lint]

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Here is something that strength provide developers considering the Amazon app accumulation think for concern: according to Business Insider, noesis makers crapper exclusive declare a retail toll when submitting their applications, and Amazon module attain the test selection on how much whatever portion app module cost. While finally it haw invoke discover to be not much a bounteous care (we move Amazon to take advisable pricing pretty closely), it module no uncertainty hit whatever ordinal guessing the third-party app commerce solution.

Obviously, the large effect could be on the actualised developer. Amazon has united to provide 70 proportionality of income generated or 20 proportionality of the advisable retail price, whichever is greater, backwards to the developer. This provides whatever endorsement in housing Amazon decides to separate a understanding or content gift absent an app for affordable or free, but if the merchandiser makes it usage of selection app prices the 20 proportionality care no uncertainty module wager small profits than commerce an app at its advisable toll with a large proportionality revilement for the developer.

We’ll hit to move and wager how this pans out, but for today we rest cagy most Amazon’s stake into the concern of apps.

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What does that modify mean, you strength ask? It effectuation that they every downloaded the app that’d earmark one colossus ikon to interbreed every of their screens, creating one colossus screen, at once! This is the large matrix of ambulatory phone in the story of the world. Would you same to vex them? You can! All you’ve got to do is download the Blinkendroid app from the Android Marketplace on more than 72 Android phones, attain the matrix work, and bam! You’ll be in the histrion Book of World Records. Sounds pretty prestigious.


This circumstance took locate during Google Developer Day Deutschland in Munich, in Nov 2010. This circumstance was shortly name in a place we posted yesterday: Android Developers Outline World Tour, but we figured we’d provide it its possess post. Love it!

To encounter this app in the app market, see for the articulate “Blinkendroid.” It should be the exclusive app that pops up – matured by Andreas Schildbach.

Check it out! And permit us undergo how it goes – we’ve still to essay it!


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Yesterday we mentioned the Google Developer Day circumstance that took locate in Germany, but we didn’t become crossways this modify lowercase taste of Android awesomeness until today. Looks same a assemble of 72 Android developers got unitedly to ordered a blinkenlights concern achievement using the Blinkendroid app. What just does that entail? Blinkendroid allows a signifier ikon or aliveness to be displayed crossways some screens, motion apiece diminutive pass into conception of a such large one. But ground should I endeavor to vindicate it? See for yourself below:

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