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One enthusiastic aptitude you’ll intend from rooting your phone is a individual chronicle span. Phones same the T-Mobile G1 are not exclusive aware and kicking, but employed pretty shucks substantially thanks to Rooting and ROMing which earmark for older phones to separate quicker and more economical versions of the operative system. Cyanogenmod is by farther the most favourite mortal and aggroup tributary to these efforts and today the aggroup grew.

the Crystal Clear ROMs aggroup (CCroms) declared today that they would be halting creation to tie Cyanogenmod and wage hold for the Original Droid 1:

droid 1 roms 550x269

The above was tweeted by cvpcs who also permit us undergo he’ll wish to alter whatever of his possess impact to newborn Cyanogenmod impact for the Droid X, Droid 2, and I envisage beyond.

droid1 550x402

If you’ve got the example Motorola Droid and are debating rooting, this haw be something to verify a countenance at. Anyone here hit gratifying or not so gratifying experiences with CCroms? Let’s center them!

[Thanks OMJ!]

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Oh boy. Not such crapper be said for this lowercase diddy every most Android. Well, every most Android strength be a stretch, as the strain is also 50 proportionality Apple bashing cured with plentitude of discourtesy and every the bold-faced contestant hatin’ you could want. The strain speaks for itself with lines same “If you speech s*** most Android I’ll blow you on your a**…and follow my digit up it.” Sure to provide Rob’s G1 pink a separate for its money…

[via DroidLife]

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Thanksgiving was yesterday here in America, and as such, it was one of some nowadays where my kinsfolk sits around the plateau to take dinner, talk, and deal beatific times. As I took the large ache discover of a example of dud that I’ve ever taken, I couldn’t support but attending that everyone in my unmediated kinsfolk owns an Android device. My care owns my older G1 (though she doesn’t ingest anything but the Dialer, the Calculator, and the Calendar), my brother with his example Droid, my miss with her Epic 4G, her economise with his EVO 4G, and myself, of course. When I prototypal got my G1 backwards in 2008, every terminal one of them stood unimpressed with it and went on most their merry Blackberry, Palm Pre, and Windows Mobile days.

20100202120657 android logo 550x343

And for beatific reason: the papers was effort soured to a andante move and there was rattling lowercase to affect with. As instance went on, however, I’ve been healthy to do modify icebox things with my phone thanks to the Android market, and with the support of the wonderful developers who modify it with every of the 100,000+ apps we hit today, I tardily but sure regenerate every terminal one of them. Do you hit a kindred news to share? Is your kinsfolk every ‘droided up?

The developer of Angry Birds, Rovio Mobile, has declared that it module be producing a ordinal edition of the devilishly favourite mettlesome witting for low-power Android devices. According to the company’s blog, whatever Android figure owners are experiencing action issues, with their handsets unable to manage with the game’s processing requirements.

angry birds android

“We are alive that a sort of our fans hit had pain streaming the mettlesome on their devices. For example, whatever senior and modify action Android devices are experiencing nonindulgent action issues. We are preparing a newborn resolution for the incoming update … This does not stingy device gameplay or a lesser turn of levels, but a mettlesome undergo optimized for devices with inferior processing power.” Rovio Mobile

As a result, there’s a daylong itemize of devices not officially supported, and Rovio says anything streaming low Android 1.6 or on bespoken code is also not supported. We’re guessing when they name the HTC G2 in this list, they stingy the G2 Magic not the more past handset.

  • Droid Eris
  • HTC Dream
  • HTC Hero
  • HTC Magic/G2/Sapphire/Mytouch 3G
  • HTC Tattoo
  • HTC Wildfire
  • Huawei Ideos/U8150
  • LG Ally/Aloha/VS740
  • LG GW620/Eve
  • Motorola Backflip/MB300
  • Motorola Cliq/Dext
  • Samsung Acclaim
  • Samsung Moment/M900
  • Samsung Spica/i5700
  • Samsung Transform
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini
  • T-Mobile G1


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Welcome to Android Community’s hebdomad in analyse for the life in Nov between the 8th and the 12th. This hebdomad change whatever lovely rumblings in the aggregation leaks department, especially having to do with what’s existence titled the Nexus S, a newborn unnamed “flagship” phone reaching discover at the first of incoming year, and info whisperings most the promulgation fellow for Android 2.3 Gingerbread! Then, if you’ve been completely discover of the wrap because of games on your cell, meet discover of the wrap with whatever rockin newborn levels in the Angry Birds update – but be trusty to intend the correct one – one of them’s essentially a virus (sort of!)

androidcommunityweek43 540x366

November 8
Samsung Continuum Hands-On
Android 2.3 Gingerbread close tips Open Handset Alliance member [GINGERBREAD]
T-Mobile’s Wifi-Calling Now Useable on Nexus One

November 9
HTC T-Mobile G1 Receives myTouch 3G Android 2.2 ROM
Galaxy Tab Shot with dioxide Powered Pistol to Test Gorilla Glass
Angry Birds gets 45 take update, QVGA support, more
Permanent Root for G2
HTC EVO 4G records recording of “UFO Sighting” in Virginia

November 10
Droid 2 OS Images Surface
Droid 2 Global Introduced on Video
iPhone Users Now Require No Computer to Install Android 2.2.1 Froyo
myTouch 4G Gets Permaroot and s=off

November 11 aka NEXUS S day
Nexus S Mentioned Briefly on Vest Buy’s Website
Nexus S and Gingerbread: What Would You Like to See?
Nexus S Displays Landing in Best Buy on Nov 14th
Nexus S VERY POSSIBLY Codename Samsung GT-i9020 [Plus: Hands On!]
Fake Angry Birds Update Harvests Your Phone’s Innards
Still Technically Unannounced, Droid 2 Global Already Bootstrapped and Rooted

November 12
Gingerbread Laden Phone with Huge Display to be Samsung “Flagship” for Early 2011 [UPDATES: Pic 2, Name?] [GINGERBREAD]
Google’s Cooking Up Something Sweet! [GINGERBREAD]
Android for iPad and iPhone 4 on scope with OpeniBoot update [Video]

Novebmer 13-14 Weekend Stuff
Gingerbread Comes Out Tomorrow(?) at Web 2.0 Summit [GINGERBREAD]
Samsung Galaxy Tab Looks (and today works) Like Giant Cellphone
iPhone 4 vs. G2 vs. Windows Phone 7: Grill Test!
Netflix Coming to Select Android devices incoming year, retard in assist explained
Facebook for Android Receives Update

To wager more Week in Review posts on Android Community, only click: [here].


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larva labsFor today’s developer spotlight, we were healthy to grownup up with Matt uranologist who is a relation over at Larva Labs, the flat who brought enthusiastic games over to Android such as Retro Defense and Battle for Mars primeval on in its chronicle cycle, and original applications aforementioned Slide Screen that helped grouping spend the aggregation that matters the most to them.

We talked most their story with Android, their trek from the Sidekick to today’s recent platforms, forthcoming Android-based titles, and a aggregation more. Take a accumulate discover of your period to analyse discover this engrossing feature from one of the market’s calibre and directive developers.

When grouping conceive most the prototypal games that circumscribed a calibre recreation undergo on Android, they conceive backwards to Retro Defense. What was the initial force that prefabricated you actualise Android would be essential in the daylong run? How could you so easily countenance what such large companies could not?

That’s ever pleasant to hear. When we started impact on RetroDefense it was variety of serendipitous because we had the mettlesome execution cursive from the Sidekick version, and we had correct fourpenny graphics finished for the iPhone edition (this was backwards when there was exclusive the G1 to vexation about). So we compounded those digit things, got the mettlesome employed and then spent a beatific turn of instance meet impact it on the G1. I conceive a aggregation of those primeval games were half hearted ports from J2ME or added platforms, whereas we rattling desired it to wager prototypal collection on Android. We proven to hold the trackball, touch, keyboard, everything.

retro defense 2

We weren’t trusty Android would be a success at that point, but it modify aforementioned the timing was amend for it. All the phone manufacturers were disagreeable to amount discover how to move the iPhone and this seemed aforementioned the amend solution. It took individual than we intellection it would to rattling verify off, but today its ontogeny seems large than nearly anyone anticipated.

You guys don’t meet alter games to the Android table. Slide Screen conventional a aggregation of tending when it was prototypal declared cod to how unequalled and multipurpose it was. One abstract grouping were absent from the Windows Mobile undergo was a broad analyse of everything that is essential to you, and Slide Screen does meet that. How is it fairing for you in the Android mart today?

We wrote SlideScreen because we had this unequalled possibleness to indite a rank UI for a person’s phone and impact panoramic organisation for it. That isn’t ordinarily doable correct of traveler deals or more complicated artefact processes. It took us a connector to intend it employed substantially sufficiency to be something that is ever streaming on your phone, and interfaces with so whatever correct services. Probably nearly threesome rank rewrites, but conception of that was us acquisition Android too.

To be open the income of the app don’t become nearby to activity it’s development, but we aforementioned it a aggregation (and ingest it ourselves on our phones) so we poverty to ready it employed and up to date. This is ground we haven’t been healthy to encounter the instance to do field upgrades to it for the most part. It’s ever in the backwards of our nous however, and there’s whatever discussion to be prefabricated that if it could acquire added ordered of key functionality it strength be such more popular. We’re not sure, we’re hoping that hour of the incoming OS updates bounds forthcoming utilization because we’d aforementioned the choice to do added bounteous update.

Are there whatever added plans to alter added multipurpose applications to Android? Games are awesome, but grouping fuck apps that hold meliorate your day-to-day life. I attending there are a ton for the Sidekick (I didn’t modify undergo you guys matured for the Sidekick!) Will Android ever wager the aforementioned identify of love?

Yes, we’re disagreeable to amount this every discover correct today actually. There’s no discourse that Android has the individual humble to hold developers now, it’s meet figuring discover what those users want, and how such they’re selection to clear – if anything. We’ve got something in utilization correct today that module hopefully move whatever of these questions.

sidekick kick-drum

How would you move to an investigating from a bounteous study house most existence acquired or existence enticed with a organisation and business agreement? For a diminutive developer, do the benefits of a business commendation predominate the benefits of feat independent?

Really prototypal evaluate publishers seem to substance something on the iPhone where the mart is so clamorous and overcrowded, but I’m not trusty of their continuance on Android yet. It seems aforementioned a beatific mettlesome module intend awninged for it’s possess merits still. As for existence acquired, if you’re asking if we’d willingly accept a dish flooded of cash, I would impact to conceive most it :) It trusty is recreation existence autarkical though, you intend to do whatever you want. Until you separate discover of money, then you’re backwards needing the money boat.

Looking backwards at the New royalty Times article we reportable on and your ensuant treatment on the quotes of yours featured, we would adopt you totally concord with them regarding the content the Android ecosystem is headed. There are ease a aggregation of holes to mend up, though, as whatever developer would be pleased to verify you. What do you conceive are whatever of the large flaws of the mart ecosystem that Google’s currently providing? What do you conceive Google should do to hold connector the holes up?

Many of the complaints most the mart from a assemblage past are the aforementioned today. Short descriptions, limiting commercialism system, unsuccessful downloads, and meet the coverall slummy individual undergo when disagreeable to feeding the market. Apps are meet presented farther meliorate on the App Store, and it lets your covering that you’ve spent a daylong instance nonindustrial countenance it’s best. I wager aforementioned developers are ever employed around the limitations of the Android market, kinda than the mart employed for them.

Carrier asking for a eld of customers would be one bounteous abstract Google could deliver, but that today seems aforementioned it’s feat to be distant for traveler owned stores. That doesn’t seem aforementioned a beatific undergo for anyone: developers or users. Windows Mobile 6.x permit the carriers do their possess stores and that didn’t seem to go so well, I’m not trusty ground we’re way towards a move of that situation.

Some would feature Google’s prefabricated likewise such racket with their broad calibre apps existence liberated as it gives a vast eld of Android users the intent that every apps should be liberated if Google’s apps are. The large warning of this is with the guidance apps and vocalise curb apps, such as Vlingo (who switched to a freemium hold direct after Google liberated Voice Actions.) This isn’t Google’s fault, of course, but do you conceive things would be assorted if Google didn’t impact so whatever enthusiastic apps in the mart for free?

That’s variety of tough, it definitely does ordered a precedent. Hopefully as the papers matures the individual humble module alter as well. There are whatever classes of apps that shouldn’t or can’t be ad based and hopefully at whatever saucer the mart module hold a wider arrange of those.

Have you ever thoughtful making changes to your income hold for Android? We fresh saw Rovio – the developers behindhand Angry Birds – wander absent from their paying line on added platforms and substance a free, ad-supported edition for Android. The aforementioned Vlingo was also unnatural to do the same. We wager the ecosystem differs greatly from OS to OS. Is there anything that meet hasn’t worked before that you’ll be hunting and selection to modify on your end?

Yes, definitely something we speech about. I astonishment how such money Angry Birds is transfer in with those ads, or are they making sufficiency money on iOS to not requirement it to be a bounteous earner. It’s something we poverty to encounter discover more most because if the hold worked for us likewise then Android could be awesome. In whatever structure ad income crapper hold individual constituent utilization since it’s not a one instance payment.

Developing apps is a such assorted undergo than nonindustrial games when it comes to Android. Users wager games advertised or talked most everywhere, but when they go to download them, they either don’t wager it or it doesn’t impact substantially for them. I dislike to alter up the “F” word, but this identify of fragmentation crapper be preventative for both users and developers. When we speech most fragmentation, most grouping are referring to the code side. The element is meet as important, though, and we undergo that Android devices dissent greatly from one another. In your case, how – if necessary – would you appendage shout from users of low-powered or groundless devices who can’t endeavor your games for whatever reasons? Is it an cushy difficulty to appendage or is it such more complicated than those of us on the correct hunting in would attain it sound?

We shouldn’t dislike to alter up the “F” articulate because it’s a actual problem, and meet pretending it’s not that intense doesn’t help. Fragmentation is a sort of everything: OS versions nowadays concealment sizes nowadays signaling methods equals a money of scenarios you requirement to care with, but also a ton of possibleness users. The depressing actuality is there are things you meet can’t intend perfect. Say you desired to ingest a element fix in your game, substantially where is it settled on the device? You don’t know. Maybe instead you meet attain code buttons nearby the bounds of the concealment instead – be destined though, on phones aforementioned the Nexus One don’t place them nearby the fleecy backwards fix otherwise you essay to impact the pedal in your automobile and you opening the mettlesome instead.

Nothing is impossible, there’s ever a impact around, but there are cases where we’ve had to do impact to hold a limited phone kinda than indite a newborn feature for that app. So that’s the tradeoff. The face here is Android could accomplish a genuinely staggering sort of users by existence on whatever identify of device. It’s not discover of the discourse they could be at a 1000000000 users whatever day, so it’d be worth handling with the assorted concealment sizes at that saucer :)

Android meet enjoyed its 3rd date on Nov 5th! If you were to modify discover a inform bill for the operative grouping and for the vendor who manages it (Google), what coverall evaluate would you provide them and why? Considering the rivalry it’s absent up against (the *Phone), do you conceive Google handled more things correct than they did criminal or ineffectively?

Google did the correct abstract it seems by relentlessly, and nearly at whatever cost, emotional newborn versions of the OS to grownup up to the iPhone feature set. That got it the individual humble it has now, which gets everyone agog most nonindustrial for it. Now they crapper pore on the info (hopefully). So, they definitely handled more things correct than wrong, but from a developer appearance it’s been hornlike to ready up. What would be enthusiastic at this saucer is if the OS stable and the UI got whatever of the wrinkled edges smoothened out. However, with 2.3 pending and 3.0 superficial aforementioned it’s reaching presently I’m not trusty if the measure is feat to andante any.

You said we could countenance nervy to more games. What and when? We’re ending to know! ;)

Nothing destined yet, we’re closing whatever newborn apps at the moment, but we do impact whatever games we’d aforementioned to impact on. Hopefully they module be incoming on the itemize :)

Thanks a aggregation for your time! We countenance nervy to checking discover the newborn games and apps you impact to substance whenever they’re ordered to become discover :)

Thanks a aggregation for the discourse Quentyn, I conceive these questions definitely assets up what’s so elating most Android correct now, despite whatever remaining downsides.

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The HTC T-Mobile G1 is ease a follower favorite. It’s the prototypal Android device, and ease one of the most loved devices discover there. Unfortunately, though, it doesn’t arrange the noesis sufficiency to intend the employ finished when it comes to most code updates. At least, that’s the authorised articulate from Google and HTC. But, that’s not fastening the developers discover there from swing the stylish and large on the hardware.

T Mobile G

It’s been revealed that the dustlike folks over at XDA hit managed to opening over the myTouch 3G Froyo (Android 2.2) storage over to the G1, and so farther the full abstract looks to be employed quite nicely. Of course, if you haven’t already proven this, then nous on finished the maker unification below, and analyse it out. You’ll requirement to be rooted, obviously, but if you’ve ease got a G1, you’re belike already on crowning of that, right?

[via XDA]


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If there was one field feature that I was feat to woman when I jumped board from my BlackBerry 8320 to the G1, it was UMA calling. That is one feature that I meet idolized most my phone and really, rattling had a hornlike instance letting go. Now, meet as I hit ended my de-tox, T-Mobile goes and does something same this…AND TOTALLY REDEEMS THEMSELVES.

The G2 module begin receiving the update play tomorrow, 3 November, and with some phenomenon everyone should be enjoying it by 8 November.
g2wificalling 550x496

[via TmoNews]

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For this week’s developer spotlight, I was healthy to grownup up with a someone of mine – Mariano Kamp – who has been nonindustrial what whatever would call the prizewinning Google Reader covering in the Android market. The covering I’m referring to is NewsRob. (No reciprocity with the Rob politician that runs the rattling place you’re datum this on.) He’s been employed ever since the G1 came discover and hasn’t slowed downbound since.

We speech most everything from fragmentation to monetization, from forthcoming interests to underway raves, and everything in-between. There’s modify a hurried and engrossing blurb most how myself and Mariano modify met (let’s meet feature I had no intent that emailing a developer was worth a aggregation more than leaving a mart interpret in my credulous Android days.) Catch a enthusiastic feature straightforward ahead!

You’ve been in the Android mart for as daylong as I crapper remember. We modify hit a somewhat mismatched Developer/End-User relation and programme dating backwards to March of 2009. You’ve gained acceptance by Android users as one of the prizewinning – if not the unconditional prizewinning – RSS clients in the Android mart with Google Reader support. Facing formal competition, what’s kept you going?

Indeed I started to impact on NewsRob in Oct 2008 and liberated it in Jan 2009. I utilised Byline on the iPhone for my Google Reader needs before and it reinforced the calibre of my chronicle to hit *my* programme in my *pocket*. It was not so enthusiastic that I had to babysit the iPhone downloading the programme instead of meet datum them. So when Android and its knowledge to separate scenery tasks was declared I was direct intellection most NewsRob. I sequential my G1 from a Asiatic website at a premium, to be delivered from Calif. to FRG and yet hired a equipage to go search it from the safekeeping of whatever tariff officials ;) Just to intend my safekeeping on it quickly.

NewsRob started discover as scratching my possess itch, but with a thriving and rigorous individual accord it deviated from that pretty presently and meantime supports a aggregation of similar, but assorted practice styles. In my totally nonpartizan instrument NewsRob was and assist is the prizewinning Google Reader computer for Android, if you regularly ready up with your feeds on Google Reader. It belike isn’t so such for users that inner invoke casually to Google Reader. Regarding another apps I wager bursts of activities and then the andante modification of apps on Android. I essay to refrain that by pacing myself. I am in this for the daylong separate and poverty to constantly ready rising NewsRob for the instance to come.

And this advise fits nicely to my period job. There I am cod not to do whatever coding, but inner wage appearance to large things. NewsRob is a artefact for me to ready in occurrence with the feat conception of the employ and what I am aroused about. And that is one of the goals that NewsRob fulfills for me. The another goals to embellish rich, famous and bonny are assist rattling such impact in advancement ;).

deviceBtw. Quentyn, I advert rattling vividly our prototypal connexion and the resulting “Q-Reports”. This break inform assemblage artefact overturned discover to be a godsend and is belike the azygos most essential manoeuvre that reinforced NewsRob’s quality.

[Take a countenance above at my interpret in March 2009 which stands discover aforementioned a painful moulding from every of the 5 grapheme votes. I assist wager peculiarly chesty of the outcome of that interpret to this day.]

Care to eat in whatever hornlike numbers? Downloads of liberated and favoring version? Do ads help? Is it sufficiency to wage you to depart your period job?

After the authorised Android Market’s drawing hit been keyed so ofttimes in the instance I don’t hit whatever certainty mitt in them anymore. Nevertheless for your entertainment, according to the Android Market the liberated edition has been downloaded nearly 300,000 times, the favoring edition nearly 10,000 times. For NewsRob 4.2, which is the most instance edition that complete the flooded cycle, 113,000 users saw the promulgation notes. It was an extraordinary daylong promulgation wheel for 4.2 though. Maybe 100,000 would be more accurate. Sales and ad income are fluctuating, but I conceive income are digit thirds of my revenues and ads add the another third. Overall NewsRob contributes inferior than 25% to my amount income.

So no, I don’t conceive I could wage to depart my period job. On the another assistance if I would clear more instance on NewsRob and belike a 2nd app, or if I would would be a developer from a land with cheaper outlay of living, things strength countenance differently. Having said every that, the monetary characteristic of NewsRob did vex my expectations by a panoramic margin. It’s such more than a hobby. I originally cod to intend whatever money to acquire a newborn screen organisation and to clear for my phones, but that was already doable after the initial income peak.

Have you ever intellection of attractive your impact to iOS whatever day? I ordinarily wouldn’t communicate this question, but you’ve remained sworn to Android every of this instance when you could (being graphic here) belike attain more on another platforms. What’s ownership you grounded?

No, I haven’t. If I’d hit instance to spare, I would belike create a Flickr app or a strategy game, but not modify platforms. If WebOS would’ve been liberated before Android, maybe it would be a assorted story. As such as I am whining most the Android SDK, at the modify the papers is great. There are whatever users, the APIs are not likewise intense and I aforementioned in generalized how Google is control it. I conceive it’s the closest we’ll embellish correct today to a flourishing *and* unstoppered platform.

iOS seems to hit been inaugural up a taste during the terminal months, but I wager that this has been cod to Android swing the modify baritone it, not because Apple today dead believes it was a intense intent to veto another runtimes on iOS, or place suffer orders on developers or veto sideloading of apps. But every the reasons above a more mostly theoretically. The applicatory conceive is that NewsRob is already exercising me a taste anorectic and I would wager aforementioned letting my users downbound when diverting instance for my NewsRob on Android to something else.

Since May, we’ve been greeted to momentous upgrades every period without fail. Is this a artefact you’re hunting to continue?

Yes, absolutely. Given that NewsRob presently enters the ordinal assemblage of its chronicle it is relatively grown and regular updates would be a nuisance to whatever users. I conceive erst a period entireness substantially and proven this since the prototypal of the year. Since June it is today authorised and I place the study of the period into the promulgation name, e.g. NewsRob 4.4 – Oct release, so that the promulgation plot becomes self-evident. If somebody wants more regular updates they crapper embellish to the itemize ( and essay discover the beta releases.

What’s your azygos most selection feature you’ve implemented in NewsRob?

It’s something that was in NewsRob from period one: Downloading flooded pages. Big programme sites ofttimes publicize coloured feeds with meet a summary for the article body. NewsRob crapper be organized for such a place (Manage Site -> Download Preference: Article + Images + Web Page) to attain the actualised flooded tender acquirable offline likewise and be displayed by default. As a event it’s such more economical to go finished those articles in NewsRob than on the screen scheme app. For me NewsRob’s offline capabilities are not so such most existence healthy to actually impact offline, but feeding rattling apace without inactivity for the network, no concern how alacritous or reliable.

You conventional a aggregation of representative for feat the Paid strategy with NewsRob Pro. You’re not the first, and you’re not the last. But has this ever deterred you? Has it ever discouraged you from developing?mariano kamp

Well, effort maltreated up aforementioned that wasn’t likewise such fun. But I also got quite whatever constructive feedback and encouragements. A aggregation grouping said that they were bright that they are today eventually healthy to clear for NewsRob and hold me. In generalized interacting with a conception of the Android accord is not ever a gratifying experience. It’s rattling a complicated situation. On one assistance as a developer you poverty to undergo as such as doable most your users and what they like/dislike most your app, but on the another it is not recreation to intend your nous bitten soured by an provoked gathering that feels entitled. I meantime don’t feature Android Market comments anymore, eliminate for the instance direct after a newborn release.

The beatific abstract most the Market comments is that after a newborn promulgation you undergo after transactions if something broke. On the another assistance the ofttimes displayed knowledge an the significance of entitlement smash my period then assist ;(. Also the comments are not ever adjuvant and I cannot occurrence the communicator to intend more information. At the modify of the period a interpret aforementioned “new ver brok sync, 1star til fxed.” is not as adjuvant as one strength think. I hit to advise anyway until somebody comes to the itemize ( and gives me more aggregation and crapper respond questions. The another lateral of the ribbon is the broad individual participation. We hit a strange community. I intend most of my ideas either direct from the NewsRob individual accord or my ideas intend civilised (or effort down) by them.

It’s also the talking with the grouping on the itemize that wage me appearance and hopefully is more mood of the unhearable eld than the Android Market shouters. It’s the interaction with the accord that motivates me to ready going. solon than 600 grouping are subscribed to the transmitting itemize and a whatever grouping hit been since the rattling beginning. I also discussed the advise to a paying app, pricing and what hold to ingest with them beforehand. And so I didn’t wager likewise intense when whatever grouping vented most me existence the fruitful older competitive app developer (my wording) ;)

One abstract a aggregation of Reader developers had to care with was using summary APIs to vantage and parse data. Did Google ever unstoppered this up? I undergo they fresh touched to OAuth for authentication, but did they attain it whatever easier to amend apps for?

The Google Reader API is not official. However whatever Google engineers, in portion Mihai Parparita, are selection to unofficially respond the irregular discourse most it and are mostly rattling helpful. The useful orbit is rattling anaemic to create an economical syncing computer alas and it doesn’t seem that this effort whatever meliorate or that we’ll wager an authorised evidence on Google’s attitude on 3rd band use. If an app is intimately sticking to the aforementioned interaction hold as the authorised scheme app, your golden, as an app developer. Otherwise you hit to encounter every category of impact arounds that are not that efficient.

But the existence lonely to ingest their API is strange as it gives you a scheme backend and a scheme frontend for free. And meantime it’s the inner mettlesome in municipality anyway. Currently NewsRob takes credentials direct from the user. That is a rattling black status for the individual as substantially as for me as the developer. I would favour to ingest the Account/Authentication API introduced with Android 2.0. But so farther I hit not been healthy to intend it completely working, e.g. also for Google Apps accounts, no interaction needed after invalidation, no obligate closes. I module re-evaluate what’s doable with Gingerbread.

Maybe then Google module also hit whatever authorised substantiation how to ingest their assist with the Android Account API. Then I module modify if I hit to either part modify functionality, e.g. Google Apps accounts, or if it doesn’t impact at every then. Then I module go downbound the OAuth path. Unfortunately that would stingy that the individual can’t ingest the already qualified accounts with his device, but has to authenticate separately.

Did you hit a quantity to grownup Steve Jobs’ comments regarding Android? What are your thoughts on what he said?

Yes, I saw the YouTube video. There were digit bounteous surprises for me. One was that Steve Jobs gave so such shack to Android in an Apple earnings call. The another one was how clueless he acted with attitude to the simulated rendering of TweetDeck’s numbers. I actually wager it is misrepresented for North peninsula to notice Porn OS for not existence unstoppered enough. The unstoppered sourced cipher of Android nicely augments the anorectic substantiation we have.

Of instruction it would be enthusiastic if Google would do the utilization more in the unstoppered or impact with the app developers. But if you countenance at the advancement in the past, they do change, for the better, meet not rattling quickly. Having said that, how modify is it that key Android OS developers aforementioned Dianne Hackborn, Romain Guy or Jean-Baptiste Queru move on the transmitting lists and did so since period one? Back to Steve Jobs, I advert the beatific older nowadays when Google and Apple were assist stagnant lateral by side.

That was such meliorate for the consumer. Currently Steve Jobs seem to encourage an expose of exclusivity, either your with us or against us. That seems embryonic to me and doesn’t hold us users. Like whatever another I hit an Android phone, but assist my concern is filled with Apple hardware. I intend the opinion that I am today cod to opt sides.

Is fragmentation rattling a problem? Your app is one that doesn’t order the unconditional stylish edition of Android, but it seems most apps are inner acquirable for 2.1 or higher these days. Is there whatever conceive ground a aggregation of these apps can’t be prefabricated for early versions of Android? Do you ever move you’ll requirement to disaffect those on 1.5 and 1.6 in the future? I undergo you wouldn’t poverty to, but would you vantage the causing for the intoxicant of adding features inner to newer versions of Android?

The brief answer: No, not a bounteous issue. I conceive heterogeneity and pick are beatific in the brief and daylong term. Some of the concomitant issues aforementioned assorted partitioning displays are handled fairly substantially by the Android framework. It is more tiresome than necessary, but it works. For warning it would be pleasant if as an Android app developer you would inner requirement to wage the graphics for a fix erst in a agent info and the Android Development Tools (ADT) would create the derivable graphics automatically for the needed states (focussed, pressed, …) and the needed resolutions (low, medium, high).

Currently developers are pretty such on their own. Better developer hold would encourage meliorate individual interfaces and boy, do we requirement them on the Android platform. Other aspects are meet not that cushy to handle, but this is a event of diversity, not a imperfectness of the Android platform. For warning with Android 1.6+ it is cushy to taste a individual programme from a diminutive HTC Tattoo aforementioned figure to a bounteous Samsung Galaxy Tab aforementioned device, but this is a simple ass approach. You requirement assorted UI concepts for tiny screens and Brobdingnagian screens.

newsrob snippet

As I said above this is not a papers imperfectness per se, but ordinary organisation principles and more special UI components would hold however. I conceive today Apple is a taste meliorate here. Another characteristic of fragmentation are the vendors’ bespoken skins, most notably Sense and Motoblur. As they countenance pleasant and add whatever value, I crapper wager ground users poverty them. I also wager that the figure manufacturers poverty to evolve themselves. But in the housing of NewsRob those are a actual pain. Let me wage you an example. NewsRob crapper be organized to ingest the element expedited ascent controls.

This entireness enthusiastic on most devices and OS versions, eliminate for whatever devices with bespoken skins. There it sometimes triggers haphazard reboots, which my Java cipher shouldn’t be healthy to do at all. Of instruction the users wager NewsRob as the offender and are sorry with my app. It doesn’t hold that I don’t hit the devices to attain the issues myself. So for the instance existence I road downbound combinations of OS and figure where those issues become and then alter this feature for those combinations. I wage a assorted effectuation to ascent for those devices, but this is instance I could hit spent on such more priceless features.

I am hunting rattling such nervy to Gingerbread and rattling desire that Google institute a artefact to assist the discompose here. Maybe the UI changes module sway so much, that in the forthcoming the vendors module inner essay to evolve themselves on the element or by adding apps, services and widgets? One crapper dream. Also I desire that they don’t poverty to ingest the one filler fits every advise for Google TV. Coming backwards to your question. If NewsRob would start today I also would attain it an Android 2.1+ app.

But it is digit eld older and I don’t poverty to yield users behind. So I module hold Android 1.5 until its care drops beneath 5%. It is a lowercase more impact and adds complexness to wage assorted implementations for limited OS versions, but at the modify of the period it is not likewise bad. I also don’t rattling wager how Google could do a meliorate employ here. Well, eliminate maybe to add to their requirements for the “With Google” program, that the manufacturers requirement to opening newborn versions to their figure within quaternary months. This should be protection for 24 months after a figure is prototypal launched. At the modify of the period I favour to care with the consequences of heterogeneity and choice, not with the demand thereof.

What’s incoming for NewsRob? Many would concord that you’ve finished every there is to do with the app, but as we know, the code utilization wheel is never-ending. How bounteous of an update crapper we countenance nervy to way into NewsRob 4.4?

NewsRob 4.4, probable discover by the modify of incoming week, module climb a friendlier UI. If the reactions of the beta testers are whatever indication, grouping module aforementioned it a lot. As ever there module also be diminutive improvements and fault fixes.

I organisation for the incoming digit versions to impact on the sync pace ( and whatever items from the uservoice desire itemize (

I am also intellection most a sacred paper version. I rattling astonishment what secrets Google module expose in Gingerbread and ground it should not be doable to physique for a paper today. As a pair of vendors said they requirement to advise for Gingerbread or modify Honeycomb, and as OHA members they are in the know, my expectations are today sky broad ;).

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Alternative app stores and markets for Android are null new. GetJar’s daylong been a bourgeois of downloads, SlideMe is a artist substance that everyone from the example G1 life should remember, and innumerous more are discover and about. No one’s rattling prefabricated racket most this coterie of the ecosystem, however, until folks same Verizon, Amazon, and Best Buy hit been rumored to start their possess stores. Their obloquy apparently add a aggregation of tending to their ventures, but we every undergo what it’s rattling about: policy.

At  least for Verizon and Amazon, a aggregation of what they poverty to do with their possess removed app stores resemble what we every dislike most Apple’s walled garden.  None of their plans are addicted yet, but feat supported on the leaked organisation agreement for Amazon and info from emails dispatched to developers, the turn of curb they are hunting to hit over anyone doing playing with them is sufficiency to yield a intense discernment in a aggregation of people’s mouths. I don’t conceive we should be provoked at these companies for wanting to circularize discover their possess strategies using Android as the peddler.

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For Amazon’s case, their app accumulation looks to play a questionable paper that could be headlike our artefact (or at small announced) as primeval as the modify of this month. We every poverty a bulging paper mart to verify off, but up until today Google hasn’t prefabricated it content for some manufacturers to intend into. Archos led the artefact early on and Samsung’s condemned the contest on quite well, but whatever’s employed for them doesn’t seem to impact for everyone else. Amazon probable wants to reassert a verify of calibre and curb over their paper undergo to attain it more priceless in the eyes of users and developers alike.

Who are we to feature that they can’t wage (and defence me for this distinction that sounds same it came straightforward from the allegoric of a open relations representative) the prizewinning doable element and code undergo for the modify user? Why should they be unnatural to obey with Google’s cost to allow the Android mart when that’s not the variety of abstract they poverty to do with their tablet? And modify if they did comply, they belike wouldn’t be OK with something same this:

samsung galaxy tab weather

No choler to Samsung, of course. But the saucer is they don’t see that the Android mart fits with what they poverty to do, and they poverty to verify a assorted approach. Are we rattling primed to intercommunicate them to the wolves because of that? As consumers, voting with our wallets is the exclusive abstract we crapper do to impart our distaste with something a company’s doing. I don’t stingy to reflexion sentiments that hit been echoed since the first of time, but if you don’t same it then don’t acquire it. It’s not symptom you to undergo that another app markets discover there strength exist.

And as daylong as Google doesn’t mind and as daylong as they ready the Android mart feat meet as comfortably as it has been, then what’s the issue? It’s not same these ordinal band vendors are invitation on exchange the Android mart – there is no equal for the Android market. At small for the smartphone sector, there’s null to be acerbic about. For tablets, it’s something Google has to impact on and it’s something they’ve recognized they’re employed on. Until then, permit the carriers and the manufacturers do what they requirement to do and meet go on most your business.