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ThunderboltFront Media 224x300

We’ve been hunting for a fellow to bond to the HTC Thunderbolt – one of Verizon’s newborn 4G smartphones – and we’ve concentrated sufficiency grounds from individual unconnected sources – a pair of which I consortium – to declare it’ll be launched Feb 14th, the aforementioned period Mobile World legislature officially kicks off. Considering marketing materials for the Motorola XOOM paper were dispatched to Verizon’s commissioned outside agents at the aforementioned time, we strength hit meet bare the promulgation fellow for that as well. We’re ease dig for objective confirmation.

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We wait both of these devices to start in Feb – the Motorola XOOM and HTC Thunderbolt, that is. The difficulty is we don’t undergo when exactly: we’ve heard rumors of dates ranging from the beginning, the literal middle, and nearby the modify of that month. None of that has been addicted nor denied eliminate for Verizon explicitly confirming the XOOM for February.

verizoninfocenter 550x458

But an interior effort shows Verizon module be sending bill touchable to their affiliates – much as Best Buy and paseo kiosks – at the aforementioned instance for both devices. I conceive it’s innocuous to feature that when one device’s promulgation fellow is eventually announced, the other’s should be rattling presently to follow. The hornlike conception is effort Verizon to expiration that aggregation up. We’ll ready an receptor discover for some more we’re healthy to take up.

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What a laboring period in Android news! As we move Mobile Word legislature 2011, we are effort some leaks of upcoming devices that are ordered to be showcased at the worldwide circumstance in metropolis incoming month. Grab kibosh of the massively disorderly news close Samsung’s doable charging of fees for Android updates (refuted by they themselves New tonight.) Take a look at the G-Slate, wager where you crapper clutch 300+ liberated games in the Android Marketplace, and support us kibosh a pirate! What a fabulously elating itemize of updates awaits you here in the Android Community Daily Wrap Up!


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Just terminal hebdomad Sprint dispatched discover an telecommunicate to the advise tantalizing them to a direct circumstance where they module release an “Industry First.” The internet went disturbed with rumors as to just what this business prototypal could be. Was it a 4G iPhone? Probably not, every Android sites were solicited to the event. Now we haw hit a lowercase taste more aggregation as to just what it could be – a dual-screen Android tablet.

top secret.sflb

According to someone ostensibly near to the matter, the declaration module be a figure and module feature the following:

  • It has super screens- conceive somewhere between the Evo and the Galaxy Tab.
  • It actually has threefold screens- there’s a direct one but then also a alternative concealment that flips up from the back, same on a hinge.
    • No articulate on what that ordinal concealment does, if it integrates with the direct concealment to provide you one bounteous screen, or if you crapper separate an app on each, or what. Sorry I couldn’t intend more details.
  • No authorised articulate on if it’s voice-capable, or if it’s whatever category of tablet/slate.

Also of note, HTC has been in the headlines supposedly preparing a 3D device. Could this be the device? Two screens for a 3D effect? If so, this would modify bond in with the full king Blaine thought of illusions, receptor tricks, etc.

What do you think? Could this be a dual-screen tablet? Would a dual-screen paper be a viable choice in the combative market? Let us know!

[Via Android Central Forums]


The HTC ThunderBolt was one of the most awesome devices at this year’s CES. Many hot customers are awaiting an authorised promulgation date, and it seems that this fellow is nearing as Verizon employees are already in training.

HTC ThunderBolt1 540x425

The awesome figure module not exclusive be the prototypal prototypal to hold vocalise and accumulation at the aforementioned instance (something modify the Verizon iPhone can’t do) and module feature both HTC Sense 2.0 and hold Skype recording calls.

The leaked slide, shows whatever features that Verizon employees module background when they’re commerce the device. If this is some variety of indication, we should wait to wager the figure within the incoming some months.

[Via AndroidCentral]


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A unify of mostly unconnected LG stories here: During CES the Asiatic phone concern showed soured a taste of useful glasses-free 3D profession housed in a non-functional smartphone casing. The 4.3-inch LCD pass uses practical parallax obstruction profession to create its 3D effect, and could be making its artefact to a employed phone shortly, says Pocket-Lint after speech with an LG rep. They wouldn’t be the prototypal to successfully unite the technologies, as Sharp already has a distinction of glasses-free 3D Android handsets in Japan. Word on the street is that Sprint and HTC strength hit a kindred substance up their arm for their Feb 7th advise event.

LG Optimus 2X Australia Android 22

The ordinal LG news concerns the Optimus 2X. It module be construction in aggregation this month, but today we are chance that state can wait it, too. When? Sometime in March or Apr seems to be most likely. It should be a traveler inner for one of the country’s bounteous threesome ambulatory providers, Telstra, Optus, or Vodafone.

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ThunderboltFront Media 550x733

No promulgation fellow for the HTC Thunderbolt? No worries! Verizon’s started upbringing their employees on the thing, and if time upbringing treks are anything to go by, we could be sight a figure start in a some weeks. We won’t stop our breath, though: that’d be harmful to our health. But we’d be quite astonied if we go likewise farther into Feb without so such as a articulate most pre-sale opportunities. [via AC]

This telecommunicate speaks every most AT&T’s “nation’s fastest” ambulatory band meshwork reaching to “several areas around the country.” They’re locution the speeds you’ll intend are “up to 4x faster” (than 3G, I suppose,) and that with their HSPA+ today and LTE “on the way” they’ll hit the exclusive meshwork with digit layers of meshwork profession that hit 4G speeds. Perhaps the most elating example of aggregation on the construction tender this telecommunicate shows is the authorised declaration of the HTC Inspire 4G, Motorola ATRIX 4G, Samsung Infuse 4G, and whatever lovely USBConnect Shockwave 4G confident USB modems.


The USBConnect Shockwave module separate you… free? That is, if you impact with their No-Commitment Pricing which effectuation you acquire this component newborn and without a contract, this care acquirable exclusive to customers who are not on a paid or GoPhone plan. Of instruction you’ll be stipendiary more per period then, righty?

Each of the phones hit their possess construction tender and are not still priced – eliminate the Infuse, which meet points toward a “coming soon” bubble. Take a look at apiece of these in the room below. Each of these items crapper be institute on the construction tender here: http://www.att.com/network/

Screen effort 2011-01-17 at 5.14.06 PM
Screen effort 2011-01-17 at 5.13.55 PM
4gemail 150x150
Screen effort 2011-01-17 at 5.10.40 PM
Screen effort 2011-01-17 at 5.09.17 PM
Screen effort 2011-01-17 at 5.09.03 PM
Screen effort 2011-01-17 at 5.16.53 PM


With the HTC Sync update a pair of life ago, there seems to be a perplexity figure unseeable within the software. The HTC ThunderBolt is today official, and there is also a soiling of the Merge, but we can’t verify what this ordinal perplexity figure is.

verizon htc mystery phone

The figure looks rattling generic. The phone has no capacitive contact buttons along the bottom, and the inclose is a taste assorted than what we’ve become to wait regarding Verizon’s devices.

Because it looks so generic we’re directly led to conceive that this is meet a agent for an upcoming device. Hopefully we module center more most this perplexity figure as HTC pushes hornlike into the Android expanse after a some months break.

[Via Phandroid]


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sony ericsson android

Sony Ericsson sat downbound with Pocket-Lint, recently, and was meet most as open as you crapper communicate them to be most their 2010 performance. They gave nods to HTC and Samsung for gauging the mart such more accurately and quickly, and they admitted they didn’t conceive their customers were as semiconscious most code as they were. (In meaning to the suspended updates for the X10 distinction of phones.) They also wished their element choices were more good as consumers are today more conversant on what powers their devices and poverty phones that crapper primed up with them. Of course, their content in 2011 is to verify every of what they scholarly and administer it to their newer products. We conceive they’re on the correct road with the Xperia Arc, from what we’ve seen of it. That Xperia Play strength also embellish a hit, if they crapper ever intend it primed for maturity time. Pocket-Lint for the flooded interview.