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It looks same we’re nearing the start of the ultra coercive LG Optimus 2X in Europe. Expansys, a UK-based online retailer, and Ellos, a Nordic retailer, hit place the figure up for pre-order.

Optimus 2X 03 slashgear 540x3031

The figure is traded at £499.99 (~$800) and the consort is also substance it for liberated with a some contracts from Vodafone. Expansys has an due start fellow of March 21, 2011.

Also in Europe, Nordic accumulation Ellos has the Optimus 2X up for pre-order for meet 3599 DKK (~$650). They wait to wager the figure Feb 25, but this is meet reflection at this time.

The start fellow for the figure on T-Mobile army is ease still to be announced, but if these planetary due launches hit some ground, we crapper wait to wager the figure in March.

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T-Mobile army has officially addicted the upcoming HSPA+ edition of the Samsung Vibrant, which module start as the T-Mobile Galaxy S 4G. “We module start as newborn the Samsung Galaxy S 4G” CEO Philipp Humm ostensibly addicted at a briefing early today, reports PCMag, as substantially as gift the authorised nod to the Sidekick 4G.

samsung vibrant

No promulgation fellow for the T-Mobile Galaxy S 4G has been given, but Humm did feature it was “coming soon”.


Talk of a T-Mobile Sidekick streaming Android pretty such faded midway finished 2010, but the rumors hit resurfaced with a 4G twist. According to TmoNews‘ source, who claims to hit been briefed this hebdomad on the upcoming handset, T-Mobile is preparing the Sidekick 4G with a flooded QWERTY keyboard and touchscreen.

t mobile galaxy s 4g sidekick 4g

OS is believed to be Android 2.3 Gingerbread, and the Sidekick 4G study – which haw exclusive be a utilization denomination – sure suggests it module hit HSPA+ hold for the US carrier. No articulate on possibleness start dates, however.

Update: PCMag reports that T-Mobile army CEO Philipp Humm addicted the upcoming Sidekick 4G at a briefing early today:

“We module start as newborn the Samsung Galaxy S 4G … and reaching soon, module also be a Sidekick 4G. Everybody knows the Sidekick, and we’re feat to relaunch the Sidekick and alter it as a 4G device, Android based, into the market”


Further info on Samsung’s inbound equal to the Galaxy S, the conversationally titled Samsung Galaxy S2, move to rise aweigh of the smartphone’s due start at MWC 2011 incoming month. According to Asiatic place NocutNews, the Galaxy S2 – internally codenamed “Seine” – module ingest Samsung’s dual-core 1GHz ARM Cortex A9 “Orion” processor and separate Android 2.3 Gingerbread with 1GB of RAM.

Samsung Mobile Evolution is Fate MWC 2011 teaser 540x380

There’s also supposedly a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus pass streaming at WVGA resolution, an 8-megapixel side camera with 1080p HD transcription recording, and NFC, every in a smartphone tipped to be meet 9mm thick. That fits in generally with previous rumors, certainly, and leaves us specially agog for Samsung’s MWC 2011 advise circumstance on Feb 13.

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Many Europeans hit been enjoying the HTC Gratia since Nov 2010 and the concern announced their Euro-Only edition of the HTC Aria backwards in October. For whatever think the UK was absent out, but today the consort mutual that they’ll substance a albescent edition of the HTC Gratia in the UK exclusive finished Brightstar.

Gratia Pearl White 550x366

Looks kinda snazzy in white, but as you know, “white” meet isn’t beatific sufficiency for the marketing folks so this is “pearl white”. Touche. Stick around for the flooded presser which also includes a Windows Phone 7 for which I undergo you’ve every been waiting.


LONDON, UK - Jan 20, 2011 - HTC Corporation, a orbicular specializer of smartphones, today announces the start of HTC 7 Pro and HTC Gratia in the UK from Feb 2011.

"We are chesty to be healthy to add digit newborn phones to our already different UK creation portfolio," said Jon French, chief director, HTC UK, island and South Africa. "Both phones substance the stand-out organisation and conception for which HTC has embellish renowned. With the firm and elating ambulatory undergo of the Windows Phone 7 platform, HTC 7 Pro is for users who poverty to consortium the eventual in playing efficiency with the knowledge to verify flooded plus of their leisure time. The foppish HTC Gratia is fashioned for those grouping hunting for a auto still coercive Android smartphone."

HTC 7 Pro

HTC 7 Pro combines coercive playing features with transmission action and plasticity that attain it the saint phone both during and right of impact hours. The concealment slides unstoppered and tilts to expose a flooded QWERTY keyboard for fast, cushy typing, patch fecundity features much as the knowledge to sort, construe and control Outlook email, unstoppered and modify the stylish Office documents and ready road of the markets with HTC’s stocks application, substance newborn structure to intend more discover of the playing day.

With a tilting 3.6" screen, the noesis of a 1Ghz processor and selection bounds profession much as Dolby Mobile™ and SRS WOW HD™, the HTC 7 Pro delivers a flush transmission experience. The combining of some favourite Microsoft services much as Xbox LIVE, Windows Live, Bing and Zune makes this phone the saint consort for playing users who poverty to verify their recreation with them wherever they go.

The unequalled Hub and Tile programme of Windows Phone 7 makes aggregation hurried and cushy to admittance by grouping it into Hubs much as People, Pictures, Games, Music & Video, Office and Marketplace noesis and displaying the most up-to-date aggregation on the homescreen Tile. Users module also be healthy to admittance intrinsic applications and utilities finished the HTC Hub. These allow a defy and stocks covering and a picture attention that enables primary personalty to be practical before organisation photos with friends.

HTC Gratia

Available in Pearl White, the HTC Gratia is smooth and lightweight - activity meet over quaternary inches in length, consideration 4.06 ounces and featuring a seamless, processed and bevelled backwards counterbalance that opens to exhibit a spirited chromatic intrinsic chassis.

This user-friendly and coercive smartphone runs Android 2.2 and the acclaimed HTC Sense™ – substance an undergo that makes your phone impact in a more individualized and uncolored way. HTC Sense offers a sort of unheralded features fashioned to alter a grinning to your face, much as making the phone anulus louder if it is in your activity or your pocket, but automatically detractive the double intensity when you garner it up to respond a call.

HTC Gratia also comes with Friend Stream - an covering that helps you ready in contact with friends and kinsfolk by transfer every of your Facebook, Twitter and Flickr updates into one single, union line of updates.


From Feb 2011 the HTC 7 Pro module be acquirable in the UK finished HTC’s organisation relation Brightpoint GB and Brightstar with HTC Gratia acquirable finished Brightstar only.

The Honeycomb operative grouping is feat to completely modify the concern of tablets. Leading the Motorola XOOM to the denomination CES Best in Show, it’s definitely a game-changer. However, today we’re effort in more aggregation on the upcoming LG G-Slate and it haw meet be more awesome than the XOOM.

LG G Slate

According to GPS&Co who contacted LG author for more aggregation on the device, a representative told the place the G-Slate would feature the following:

  • Display filler – 8.9 progress 3D pass allowing to analyse 3D noesis without glasses
  • 3D transcription capability
  • LG Tegra 2 dual-core CPU
  • USB opening and HDMI connector

These seem a taste likewise awesome for a figure ordered to start the prototypal half of 2011, but LG did feature they hit something bounteous in cost of 3D for MWC this February.

Mobile World legislature is meet 3 weeks away, and we crapper full wait to center more leaks most this upcoming device. And, attractive LG’s road achievement into account, we strength modify wager an authorised revealing before its declaration in Barcelona.

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We’ve heard a full aggregation most the HTC Scribe, sure to be the company’s prototypal Android paper ordered to start at Mobile World legislature in February. In New December, HTC trademarked the constituent Scribe, but ostensibly null is cursive in stone.

htc desire 180x300According Digitimes, the aforementioned folks who oxyacetylene the initial Scribe rumors, the HTC Flyer module actually start first. It’ll essentially be a large edition of the HTC Desire streaming Android 2.3 and actuation in March.

If Digitimes is right, the Flyer module move on up to Android 3.0 presently thereafter and 2 another HTC Android tablets with 3.0 module start in June. Mobile World legislature is meet around the crossway and Phandroid module be there, so hopefully we’ll encounter discover more- of instruction we’ll permit you know.

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We wait both of these devices to start in Feb – the Motorola XOOM and HTC Thunderbolt, that is. The difficulty is we don’t undergo when exactly: we’ve heard rumors of dates ranging from the beginning, the literal middle, and nearby the modify of that month. None of that has been addicted nor denied eliminate for Verizon explicitly confirming the XOOM for February.

verizoninfocenter 550x458

But an interior effort shows Verizon module be sending bill touchable to their affiliates – much as Best Buy and paseo kiosks – at the aforementioned instance for both devices. I conceive it’s innocuous to feature that when one device’s promulgation fellow is eventually announced, the other’s should be rattling presently to follow. The hornlike conception is effort Verizon to expiration that aggregation up. We’ll ready an receptor discover for some more we’re healthy to take up.

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xperia play

We’ve been hammering absent at rumors regarding a “PlayStation Phone” since the first of Q3 2010. Since then, we’ve absent from idle predictions and conjunctive the dots to undeniable, irrefutable video grounds of its existence. It haw every become to an modify incoming period at Mobile World Congress, according to reports by Bloomberg.

They feature Sony module be emotional it presently after the start of an updated PSP – something we haven’t had the strongest activity grounds for. But that’s not Android, so we don’t care. We undergo the Xperia Play exists, and we undergo Sony’s got plans to alter it out, we meet didn’t undergo when. Last we heard, it was existence suspended until the region of the assemblage because Sony desired to intend their PSP emulation code up and streaming to attain it a genuine PSP phone, but it sounds same those plans were changed somewhere along the way.

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gcf dell looking glass with honeycomb small

It’s been a patch since we heard some programme of the Dell Look Glass, but patch the katzenjammer has been forthright directed at the upcoming Dell Streak 7 on T-Mobile, the company’s other 7-inch Android paper has quietly passed the GCF. The Looking Glass supports quadband GSM/GPRS/EDGE and quadband UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA at 850/1700/1900/2100 rate according to the filing.

Other aggregation that has been rumored for the Looking Glass includes an NVIDIA T20 processor, Wi-Fi b/g/n and Bluetooth 2.0. It was originally slated to start with Android 2.1, but at this saucer we wish they hit definite to strike up the edition sort of the operative grouping at launch. [The above ikon is a mock-up of the Looking Glass with Honeycomb as borrowed from the maker unification below.]

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