Talk of a T-Mobile Sidekick streaming Android pretty such faded midway finished 2010, but the rumors hit resurfaced with a 4G twist. According to TmoNews‘ source, who claims to hit been briefed this hebdomad on the upcoming handset, T-Mobile is preparing the Sidekick 4G with a flooded QWERTY keyboard and touchscreen.

t mobile galaxy s 4g sidekick 4g

OS is believed to be Android 2.3 Gingerbread, and the Sidekick 4G study – which haw exclusive be a utilization denomination – sure suggests it module hit HSPA+ hold for the US carrier. No articulate on possibleness start dates, however.

Update: PCMag reports that T-Mobile army CEO Philipp Humm addicted the upcoming Sidekick 4G at a briefing early today:

“We module start as newborn the Samsung Galaxy S 4G … and reaching soon, module also be a Sidekick 4G. Everybody knows the Sidekick, and we’re feat to relaunch the Sidekick and alter it as a 4G device, Android based, into the market”


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We’ve heard a full aggregation most the HTC Scribe, sure to be the company’s prototypal Android paper ordered to start at Mobile World legislature in February. In New December, HTC trademarked the constituent Scribe, but ostensibly null is cursive in stone.

htc desire 180x300According Digitimes, the aforementioned folks who oxyacetylene the initial Scribe rumors, the HTC Flyer module actually start first. It’ll essentially be a large edition of the HTC Desire streaming Android 2.3 and actuation in March.

If Digitimes is right, the Flyer module move on up to Android 3.0 presently thereafter and 2 another HTC Android tablets with 3.0 module start in June. Mobile World legislature is meet around the crossway and Phandroid module be there, so hopefully we’ll encounter discover more- of instruction we’ll permit you know.

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xperia play

We’ve been hammering absent at rumors regarding a “PlayStation Phone” since the first of Q3 2010. Since then, we’ve absent from idle predictions and conjunctive the dots to undeniable, irrefutable video grounds of its existence. It haw every become to an modify incoming period at Mobile World Congress, according to reports by Bloomberg.

They feature Sony module be emotional it presently after the start of an updated PSP – something we haven’t had the strongest activity grounds for. But that’s not Android, so we don’t care. We undergo the Xperia Play exists, and we undergo Sony’s got plans to alter it out, we meet didn’t undergo when. Last we heard, it was existence suspended until the region of the assemblage because Sony desired to intend their PSP emulation code up and streaming to attain it a genuine PSP phone, but it sounds same those plans were changed somewhere along the way.

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samsung logo 540x1791

For the time digit or threesome life the dustlike readers of this place hit been bombarding us with a unification to a destined place on XDA pertaining to the Android 2.2 updates for US Samsung Galaxy S devices. If you poverty to feature it, see liberated to nous over to XDA’s forums and analyse it out. It comes from an unofficial maker bill to a installation of hackers, so defence us if we don’t verify its claims at grappling value. Had this maker approached us or one of the numerous another Android sites with this programme and provided whatever grounds to backwards up their claims, maybe it would be different.

But we don’t poverty to separate a programme on that because this whole Android 2.2/Samsung Galaxy S collapse has every been supported around speculation. We as a programme maker undergo no more than anyone added discover there inactivity for the updates, and it is slaphappy of us to separate programme items that are not supported on facts that we crapper easily prove. That exclusive serves to provoke fright and ire from readers, directive to things as disturbed and nonmeaningful as a class-action lawsuit.

Whatever is existence said most Samsung haw rattling substantially be true. They haw be retentive soured updates to encourage income of newer devices. They haw be asking carriers for likewise such money. It could also be that the update impact is daylong and complicated thanks to bespoken UIs, traveler bloatware, assorted element configurations supported on carrier, and varied cancellated radios and broadcasting bands. Speculating to the saucer where we embellish a insane internet gangdom after someone’s nous is pointless. It won’t intend you the updates some quicker.

So please, we hit feature the XDA programme and hit definite we would kinda not place most it (take this place as the most you module get). If you desire to move speculating and pointing fingers, gratify go aweigh and do so in the comments beneath or over at AndroidForums, meet don’t wait us to be likewise hot to gong in.

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So this newborn superphone by the study of LG Optimus 2x – you undergo the one. A assemble low the study has one in their grippers and hit separate it though the impediment uncouth that is Quadrant criterion and it pretty such rocks the hardest, attaining a reason of 2.391, of instruction destructive time the ancient Nexus One and Motorola Droid X. And surmisal what? This is exclusive constituted as a azygos set figure when it’s rattling threefold since Quadrant isn’t quite up to fellow ease with the Tegra 2 wacky party. Can you envisage the genuine power?

Screen shot 2011 01 14 at 12.58.59 PM 540x218

The LG Optimus 2X is ease streaming Android 2.2 Froyo and this is a pre-production unit, so wow, threefold wow! That effectuation the actual care module be modify better! Oh my gosh, such life our claws hit never known. Nails a quiver!

You crapper pre-order this maddeningly coercive phone correct today if you want, meet £500 from Expansys gets you every subscribed up for one. What’s that you say? You’ve exclusive got dweller dollars? Then it’s pretty such the most pricey phone ever produced. Right? Jeebus. You crapper also analyse discover our hands-on analyse recording in that aforementioned post. Check it out.

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google music sync gizmofusion

Google Music was prototypal excited backwards at Google I/O 2010, but lowercase developments hit been prefabricated since then. Countless nowadays we hit heard the assist was nearby launch, but this stylish taste of content gives us wish that it strength actually go springy before Google I/O 2011. You’ll wager in the above screenshot a figure streaming Gingerbread with a “Sync Music” choice within the accounts and sync dialog. The ikon comes manner of GizmoFusion, and suggests that penalization combining module be as unfathomable as contact, Facebook, and calendar sync.

Still, a aggregation of questions rest and the screenshot should be condemned with a foodstuff of salt. Where did this physique of Gingerbread become from? Is it actually the Android 2.4 physique we hit fresh been chance of? What do you every think?

[via Engadget]

Hey that looks category of like… move for it… an iPhone? Yeah sorta kinda. This is the soon-to-be-released Samsung S5830 presently to be titled something such snazzier, these images leaked by a journal by the study of SamFirmWare. They’ve got a maker whose brought not exclusive these lovely images, but whatever glasses for the phone as well. Hopefully the incoming instance we wager this crunchy impact is in our safekeeping at Mobile World legislature (which of instruction takes locate in metropolis incoming month.)

s5830 leak

This lovely thang, prototypal of all, is streaming Android 2.2.1 (Froyo.) Next it’s got whatever edition of Bluetooh, Wifi (we don’t undergo which bands,) Micro SD bill slot, Micro USB port, 3.5 millimetre headphone jack, a 5 megapixel camera on the back, and has a pair of drawing for maxes on the camera: 2560 x 1920 is the max partitioning on the camera, and 1280 x 720 is the max partitioning on the camcorder. Take a countenance at the place on SamFirmWare too, as they’ve got a pair more pics and they’re totally tense up most it – and that’s what we same to wager in this greater Android community!

Now verify me. Does it countenance same an iPhone to you, or what?

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Last period we gave you a taste of a programme taste that had to do with both an FCC filing and a recording that showed a Teutonic man retentive a phone that appeared to be a Nexus S figure streaming Android 2.4 (this recording and FCC filing are in the room below, or you crapper verify a [click back] to that place if you’d aforementioned as well.) Now what we wager today, manner of MobiFlip, is a closeup represent of a concealment of a Teutonic module supported phone that again says its Nexus S phone and is streaming Android 2.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich.)


Lets study the glasses we undergo on this phone, the one in the recording filmed by Teutonic assemble BestBoyZ, and the one in the FCC filing from terminal night:

FCC Version:
Model Number GT-i9023
Band: AWS 3G

Video Version (aka BestBoyZ version):
Model Number Nexus S
Kernel-Version android-build@apa28 #1
Baseband Version I9023XXJL2
Build Number soju-userdebug 2.4 GHR84 86467 test-keys
Android Version: 2.4

MobiFlip Version:
Baseband Version I9023XXJK2
Android Version 2.4

And meet for fun, the underway Nexus S has a help variety GT-i9020.

SO what does every that poop mean? Take a countenance at what’s similar: there’s a questionable Android edition 2.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) on digit of the 3, and the variety ordered i9023 is the aforementioned on every three. Sadly we cannot wager the essence edition on the MobiFlip edition or we’d undergo if it was one of those userdebug fashion phones that BestBoyZ have. If you weren’t here for the terminal post, that effectuation the phone is a pre-release edition meant only for testing. A phone low that information sometimes moves slower than a flooded promulgation edition of the phone and is meant to analyse and mend every the lowercase pieces. Finally, the baseband edition is kindred on the BestBoyZ and the MobiFlip versions, but they aren’t just the same. This seems to saucer toward the intent that they aren’t the aforementioned phone, or at small that digit assorted grouping in the concern hit this newborn phone and OS.

So what’s feat on here? Something mismatched is feat on. First of all, ground would digit of these newborn Nexus S phones be display up every the artefact over on that lateral of the concern before they popped up in the USA? Could they be allowed a quicker promulgation there and are therefor proven there patch we here in the army hit to move for FCC filings to go that player step?

Next, ground are the baseband versions on the digit Teutonic phones so similar, but not the same? And patch we’re here, do you conceive this MobiFlip edition has that aforementioned essence version, if you had to guess?

Finally, do you conceive this Android 2.4 is a actual upgraded system, or do you conceive it’s a “glitch” aforementioned what happened / is event with the XPERIA Arc?

We said it in the terminal place on this person and I’ll feature it again – I uncertainty they’ve got 2.4 near sufficiency to promulgation to be investigating it already, especially since both 2.3 Gingerbread and 3.0 Honeycomb were JUST announced. This variety of abstract crapper be mocked up easily, but then again, what’s the need for doing much a thing? I conceive it’s doable that both of these Teutonic phones are testers, and that the FCC filing is the literal aforementioned phone. Will Android 2.4 be liberated by Mobile World Congress? No. Will this Nexus S be primed for Mobile World Congress? Yes.

Feel liberated to loser your instrument or some facts you’ve got below.

fcc11 150x150
2.4 nexus s vdf 11 560x420 150x150
2.4 nexus s vdf1 560x420 150x150
Screen effort 2011-01-13 at 12.54.39 PM
Screen effort 2011-01-13 at 12.53.51 PM
Screen effort 2011-01-13 at 12.54.13 PM

[Via MobiFlip (for MobiFlip images)]


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modu t phone

A depressing day, indeed. Modu – the folks who attain diminutive modular phones for which to append into different jackets for long functionality – has to delude soured every of their stocks, assets, bonds, capital: whatever. They’ve not been healthy to attain sufficiency money to clear employee salaries and debts owed, according to reports beginning from Israel.

They’re lowercase famous on our lateral of the sphere  - I look you guys didn’t modify undergo that one or whatever of these lowercase Modu phones were streaming Android. It’s depressing to wager them go, however, as they were an enterprising consort who was rattling agog most what they were providing. Farewell, Modu. [via BGR]

In this sort newborn ad prefabricated to attain it countenance aforementioned iPhone 4 is a newb with digit suited jerks who are intense at running, T-Mobile uses a flamboyant Mohammedan to lick the non-Android rivalry direct in the nose. Take a look as T-Mobile notes how totally andante 3G is and how astonishingly blazingly alacritous their HSPA+ 4G meshwork is in comparison. Actual speeds aside, this is a pretty beatific measure stomp.


They feature the man with the chromatic bond on is ATT and the man with the flushed bond on is Verizon, locution of instruction today that both are the aforementioned – ground would someone conceive they were different, they feat the aforementioned pace on 3G? A beatific discourse to ask, of course, is defy they had these grouping primed to do an ad the period of the Verizon event, or if they had them flick it before, individual scenarios in tow. What’s up? Take a laugh peek:

[Via T-Mobile YouTube]