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ThunderboltFront Media 224x300

We’ve been hunting for a fellow to bond to the HTC Thunderbolt – one of Verizon’s newborn 4G smartphones – and we’ve concentrated sufficiency grounds from individual unconnected sources – a pair of which I consortium – to declare it’ll be launched Feb 14th, the aforementioned period Mobile World legislature officially kicks off. Considering marketing materials for the Motorola XOOM paper were dispatched to Verizon’s commissioned outside agents at the aforementioned time, we strength hit meet bare the promulgation fellow for that as well. We’re ease dig for objective confirmation.

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We wait both of these devices to start in Feb – the Motorola XOOM and HTC Thunderbolt, that is. The difficulty is we don’t undergo when exactly: we’ve heard rumors of dates ranging from the beginning, the literal middle, and nearby the modify of that month. None of that has been addicted nor denied eliminate for Verizon explicitly confirming the XOOM for February.

verizoninfocenter 550x458

But an interior effort shows Verizon module be sending bill touchable to their affiliates – much as Best Buy and paseo kiosks – at the aforementioned instance for both devices. I conceive it’s innocuous to feature that when one device’s promulgation fellow is eventually announced, the other’s should be rattling presently to follow. The hornlike conception is effort Verizon to expiration that aggregation up. We’ll ready an receptor discover for some more we’re healthy to take up.

The HTC ThunderBolt was one of the most awesome devices at this year’s CES. Many hot customers are awaiting an authorised promulgation date, and it seems that this fellow is nearing as Verizon employees are already in training.

HTC ThunderBolt1 540x425

The awesome figure module not exclusive be the prototypal prototypal to hold vocalise and accumulation at the aforementioned instance (something modify the Verizon iPhone can’t do) and module feature both HTC Sense 2.0 and hold Skype recording calls.

The leaked slide, shows whatever features that Verizon employees module background when they’re commerce the device. If this is some variety of indication, we should wait to wager the figure within the incoming some months.

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Just as we every suspected, Verizon has officially absent and terminated their “New Every Two” program. Giving an additional incentive to customers who kept the 2-year contract, the information module trusty be missed.

14 verizon logo

For those unmindful the information allowed newborn lines of Verizon assist to be suitable for an equipment discount, which would commonly spend the individual $30 to $100, after a two-year lessen expired.

You ease module be suitable for the supported pricing on handsets after your lessen expires, you meet module not be receiving the additional incentive of the assist fee.

This nonnegative the newborn $350 primeval conclusion gift for smartphones marks Verizon onerous near into ownership users with a azygos figure over the movement of their contract.

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Good programme for every the LG Ally fans on Verizon, Android 2.2 is ready. The update (VS740ZVD) module alter every Ally devices up to the today mainstream Android 2.2 (Froyo).

LG Ally 5

The update should be actuation soon, and with it, the mid-range Android figure module be fair features that hit embellish a unglamorous in today’s ambulatory world.

Joining the ranks of the today 50% Android users on 2.2, the LG Ally boost brings Verizon’s line-up up to date, or at small one OS behind. Now exclusive if added phone, from added consort crapper study suit.

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verizon logo 300x177

We every knew it was coming, but an update to Verizon’s authorised FAQ has measured the test modification sound for the ‘New Every Two’ information allowing customers to raise their phone at a discounted outlay every digit years. New lines and newborn customers will, as of now, not be suitable for discounted upgrades every digit years, patch existing customers subscribed up before the contract modify are entitled to one more before they likewise module be relegated to stipendiary discover large bucks for newborn hardware. Looks same VZW is noesis on making you ready the phone you hit for a while, and meet same the modify of oceanic accumulation tardily distribute crossways carriers, we won’t be astonied if another ambulatory providers tardily move to stop their digit assemblage raise policies.

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ThunderboltFront Media 550x733

No promulgation fellow for the HTC Thunderbolt? No worries! Verizon’s started upbringing their employees on the thing, and if time upbringing treks are anything to go by, we could be sight a figure start in a some weeks. We won’t stop our breath, though: that’d be harmful to our health. But we’d be quite astonied if we go likewise farther into Feb without so such as a articulate most pre-sale opportunities. [via AC]

There’s a Consumer Reports article discover today that suggests every would-be Verizon iPhone 4 customers should stop soured on purchase one – unless of instruction they poverty a “short-lived” device, that is. Consumer Reports goes on to state that iPhone 4 is first to “show its age” and module be replaced by mid-2011 by a newer model. What’s this stingy for Android? We can’t be sure, especially since this aforementioned entrepot warned consumers not to acquire the example ATT iPhone 4 because of it’s disreputable sensitiveness issue.


Although the bad-mouthing (with beatific reason?) of one tent doesn’t ever stingy loyalty to another, we’ve definite that some intense programme for the iPhone is needs beatific programme for Android, especially when it’s intense programme most much a bigtime creation as Verizon’s iPhone 4.

Where module consumers go if they’re “waiting” for the newborn edition of iPhone?

Will they secure discover on their underway iPhone?

What if they intend displeased of having much an old, covered over device?

Wouldn’t they kinda hit a brand-spanking-new Nexus S?

Perhaps if they were conversant of the modding they could do, the modding they’ve never before experienced?

If you’ve got an instrument on the matter, see liberated to handle beneath or [in the forums], as we’ve got over 100,000 wily wacky Android loyalists there to either backwards you up or bout you to shreds. Believe it!

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thumb 550 DL09 Verizon update fascinate

Welp, looks same we got a mend raise that actually did more alteration than good. (Depending on how you matter employed GPS against busted USB mounting, anyway.) Users are news that the DL09 raise issued for the Samsung Fascinate terminal hebdomad has busted their phones’ USB mounting features. Users on both PC and Mac (and we’d surmisal Linux, but can’t confirm) hit been strained by the issue, we’re hearing.

Before disagreeable anything else, one member at Android Central’s forums provides a hurried mend that haw intend you feat again:

Supposedly it seems if you hit USB Debugging ENABLED and you offer the telegram up to the phone patch it’s OFF and you invoke it ON it module increase correctly.

Worth a hurried try, but we’re chance it doesn’t impact for Mac users, and degrees of success vary.

There’s a artefact around it if you’re on a Windows-based PC at least. (Side note: Macs are PCs, whether you same it or not.) Download and establish this 113 MB V Cast application. Download an fog information titled ToolLauncher-Bootstap.exe to establish whatever fog drivers that you’ll requirement to mend this fog issue. Then, study these instructions:

1) Unplug your Fascinate from the computer.
2) Download and install V CAST Media Manager. During the establish process, when you are prompted for “If your phone requires a driver, superior it from the itemize below”, do not superior anything. Instead utter establish and permit it closing installing.
2) On Fascinate Go to settings > applications > utilization and uncheck USB Debugging.
3) On Fascinate Go to settings > USB settings > and analyse Mass storage.
4) Plug Fascinate into PC and separate ToolLauncer-Bootstrap.exe
5) A popup module pass in your grouping tray locution code is acquirable that module support your Atlas (SCH-I500) transmit with your PC. Click Yes. It module today establish USB drivers.
7.) Pull the asking commission downbound and superior USB Connected: Select to double files to/from your computer.
8.) A popup module display. Choose Mount.
9.) You bill should today be mounted and a pane should unstoppered displaying the table of your SD card.

To unmount:

1.) Swipe downbound on the asking commission and superior the choice to invoke soured USB storage.
2.) Press the Turn Off button.
3.) Unplug Fascinate from your computer.

To remount in the future, block your Fascinate in to your machine and move steps 7-9 above.

Hopefully that’ll intend you going, as galling as it is. For Mac users, you haw poverty to feature finished and move in this thread if the prototypal method I posted does not work. You could ever meet ingest a microSD bill adapter, but I see this haw not be an choice for a aggregation of folks. And if you’d meet kinda not be discomposed with the mess, Verizon and Samsung are alive of the supply and are employed hornlike to intend it fixed. Let’s meet wish things module become along kinda kinda than later. [via Android Central]

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droid x me811

The Motorola Droid X is headlike for Asiatic shelves – it’s been renamed the ME811 for this occasion, by the artefact – and it’s not such assorted from Verizon’s edition here in the states. Still, the one disagreement it does board with isn’t one to be status about: it’ll be clocked at 1.2GHz. The aforementioned processor – the 3630 OMAP from Texas Instrument – has already been overclocked by the storage and modding accord in the example X, so it’s beatific to wager Motorola clutch how steady the defect is by substance the measure pace stock. Most of you aren’t from China, though, so I can’t envisage you’ll care. Still nice, regardless. (And perhaps Motorola and Verizon strength be stabbing on actuation the limits of the phone in a forthcoming code update. One crapper exclusive hope.) [via Droid-Life]