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You poverty a list?  I’ll provide you a list!  To inferno with those worthless “Top 5? or “Top 10? lists…  Let’s intend emotional and do a “Top 20? of the Best Android MMORPG!

Well, if you’re a gamer then you undergo this story:  Start finance a lowercase taste of instance in one of the excess of MMORPGs in the Android Arsenal and you’re probable to become…obsessed.  You pay entire, daylong weekends not shaving, microwaving noodles and activity for most 18-20 hours per day.  The incoming instance you go to impact you’ll countenance same you’ve had a helluva’ weekend partying and streaming the town.  And you’ll permit grouping conceive that that is just what you did!
Aaah, the MMORPG life…  Fun, ain’t it?
Best Android MMORPG’s that you crapper endeavor correct now.
1. Order & Chaos Online
Yes, it costs.  This isn’t a liberated app or modify a $.99 special…this MMORPG app costs $6.99, but shit is it worth it!  It’s a actual time, 3D ogre of an awing game.    Huge vision concern with thousands of players!  It’s angry popular!  My Order & Chaos Review!

2. Pocket Legends

This is the flagship app of Spacetime Studios.  Create characters, go on quests and raise stats.  Just go, go, go!  Huge following.

3. Dungeon Hunter 4

This is one that I’m activity correct now.  Asides from the in-app purchases, Dungeon Hunter is a mettlesome for the grouping who poverty unceasing action.  Slay heaps (and I stingy lots!) of enemies.  Level up, raise weapons, garner up modify drops and be the shizzle!  (Read my analyse of Dungeon Hunter!)

4. Forgotten Tales Online

Similar to Order & Chaos online, but it’s free.  Of course, you’re gonna’ hit the in-app purchases (the developer has to attain money somehow!), but added than that you can’t go criminal if you into trolls, orcs, barbarians and dragons.

5. Dark Legends

It’s MMORPG from Spacetime Studios and it is every most the Vampires.  No… that shitty newborn intent of Vampires!  This is older edifice fangdom same it was meant to be.  GO and give those razor intense fangs into werewolves, demons and the irregular warlock.

6. Star Legends

Yeah, Spacetime Studios again.  It’s added enthusiastic MMORP but instead of existence vision or vampire based, this instance we’re in expanse and move ass!

7. The Infinite Black

It’s matured with player-driven organisation and it’s FREE.  You modify accumulation broad companies and bidding Brobdingnagian spaceships.  Tens of thousands of players can’t be wrong.

8. Angry Heroes Online

The rattling old unreal concern of monsters and magic, heroes and violence.  What I same prizewinning most this Android MMORPG app is the cartoonish graphics that are rattling broad calibre and attain the mettlesome great.  Huge, though…like 30MB nonnegative the app to download every the data.

9. Arcane Legends

Yeah, it says “legends” so you undergo we hit added Spacetime Studios creation.  We hit an Arcane Legends pass on this place so you undergo that we fuck the mettlesome and hit played it a lot.  Another app with a Brobdingnagian following.

10. Warspear Online

It’s artist 2D MMORPG.  Create a case mathematician and move to effort finished the hordes.  You’re conflict for meliorate weapons and armor.

11. Please Stay Calm

Playing it and module be for a while.  Awesome graphics in Frank playwright style.  You’re a unfortunate and you hit to effort the zombies and aggroup up with players to survive.  The prizewinning thing?  THE ONLY positioning supported MMORPG around.  It course with Foursquare and Facebook locations and it’s supercharged by Mobage.  My Please Stay Calm review.

12. Homerun Battle 3D

Yes, it’s not a fantasy/monster/space and “slash-bad-guys” MMORPG.  It’s a MMO sports mettlesome and you intend to effort your friends and added players in a homerun fisticuffs to wager who the prizewinning basher is!

13. Kingdoms at War

Millions of players.  Build a Brobdingnagian grey and fisticuffs apiece other.  Whoever crapper amend the better, stronger, and more technically sensation grey module win!

14. Inotia 4

Yes, it’s my selection of the Inotia program and that’s because it’s the prizewinning of the series.  Better than 1,2,3,4 and modify 5.  Anime-type graphics and you’re an assassin…a pretty BAD ASS assassin!

15. The Hobbit:  Kingdoms

As presently as this mettlesome came discover I started to endeavor it.  I likeable it a lot.  However, it reminded me of the Facebook app, “Kingdoms of Camelot” where you had to move life and, sometimes, weeks to closing builds and research.  Besides every that, it’s a dolphin mettlesome with lots of players and a vast wold.

16. Homerun Battle 2

Another Homerun battle, basher mettlesome from Com2Us.  This one has great, newborn challenges and every of you baseball-heads module fuck the inferno discover of it.

17. Modern War

Yeah, the prototypal expeditionary MMORPG Android mettlesome from a Soldier here at #17. What crapper I say, Ilike the vision games better.  Wanna’ lie the concern with the most coercive Army ever to petition the earth?  Join the US Army.  Other than that, you crapper endeavor Modern War.

18. Kingdoms Live

A aggregation same Hobbit:Kingdoms.  You move discover as a lowly Goth and hit to physique an Army and Kingdom to conception the added kingdoms and verify over the world.  Storm8 games is a Google Play “Top Developer” and this is solidified MMORP for Android devices and gamers.

19. Three Kingdoms Defense 2

Protect your lands from added heroes of the threesome kingdoms!  With a assorted verify on graphics and the attendance of the characters and heroes, you’ll encounter Three Kingdoms Defense 2 refreshing.

20. romish Empire

Slave riots.  Old romish characters and excitement.  This Android MMORPG is assorted in that it’s not fantastical…well, not likewise such anyway.  You opt the lateral you poverty to be on and then you fisticuffs agency and nab for activity and victory.

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