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With the demand splendour promulgation of the iPad the tending switches backwards to Android and what’s in the scuttlebutt as farther as Android tablets. There are a whatever pleasant ones emotional presently hopefully. First up is the newborn Archos 7 tablet. Here is a unification to more specs on the Archos 7

archos4 android 2

Other than the large pass this is pretty kindred to the preceding Archos tablet. There is also a newborn scheme cam on the face of this paper which should attain for whatever elating scheme recording to your friends. Hopefully modify recording chatting module be possible.

Next up we hit the MSI Android tablet. It has a 10-inch black bezel and module increase every of the functions of today’s netbooks. It also module arrange in a Nvidia Tegra supported processor and should retail around $500, this module expiration absent the iPad.

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[via Archos, Digitimes]

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