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Over the instance some weeks or modify months, some of you hit noticed, commented, emailed discussed and coverall meet vocal your displeasure with the horrific alluviation nowadays on Phandroid. We heard your complaints and implemented individual tactics to alter the computer alluviation and meliorate computer alluviation time. They worked… but not substantially sufficiency as witnessed by Ahmed’s interpret back-to-back comments on the Middle East Android article:

1. ahmed wrote on August 27, 2009

omg omg omg yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
my goooood i am soooo bright u slope conceive it i hit been actuation most the concern fdor the terminal fivesome transactions occupation everyone updating every position place everything on sale
wowwww im soo bright thanx a 1000000000 for informing us

gosh im soooo bright u prefabricated my year

2. ahmed wrote on August 27, 2009

ps:why does ur website draw i study u on google reverend and it took me same 6 refreshes to intend to the scheme site

i stingy the availableness not the organisation the organisation is awesome

Unfortunately Ahmed was correct - anything inferior than weight lightning alacritous is slaphappy - Phandroid’s poverty their Android programme and they poverty it NOW! In the past, Phandroid and another site’s in the meshwork (AndroidForums, PalmWebOS, etc…) were streaming on a sacred server. Incremental improvements weren’t selection it so we multiple downbound - Phandroid is today separate by TWO sacred servers that separate the alluviation and should hit the place streaming lightning alacritous the vast eld of the time.

cheetah 550x412

If andante alluviation nowadays hit discomposed you, we wish you’ll be unbothered and then entertained and agog most our improvements. Have a enthusiastic weekend and we wish you fuck the newborn fast snappiness as such as we do!

UPDATE: After complaints in the comments most the computer STILL existence slow, Phandroid readers who change in computer improvement (Artem Russakovskii & Thaya Kareeson) contacted us substance to help. After a step-by-step resolution was implemented… difficulty solved! Probably OVERsolved, actually. I conceive its innocuous to feature that alluviation nowadays aren’t feat to be a difficulty around here for quite awhile.

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