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verizon logo smallWe don’t hit some identify of authorised timeframe, manufacturers, devices or some another details, today marks the prototypal instance Verizon Wireless has absent on achievement locution they WILL display an Android Phone. Verizon Wireless customers are today liberated to experience - you haw hit to move but if you didn’t center me (can you center me now?) Verizon has admitted absent on the achievement as locution they module be carrying Android Devices.

Hmm… “Devices”? I don’t poverty to feature into that but looks same the options are open. This authorised articulate comes from a Wall Street Journal article that also mentions the Palm Pre module become to Verizon Wireless within the incoming 6 months or so. That’s a HUGE ouch for Sprint as I crapper wager Verizon Wireless customers staying place after chance something same that - if they had intellection most effort the Pre that is.

But backwards to Android.

There is already one Android Phone rumored for Verizon Wireless - the Motorola Calgary which was prototypal leaked in December. Could this phone be headlike to Verizon Wireless before the assemblage is over? Lets wish so…

motocalgary android

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