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Starting this morning, the Visa Mobile Application became acquirable on the Android Market. We’re pretty agog because it’s the prototypal business covering for Android from a “heavy hitter” and it offers whatever enthusiastic features of which at the moment, exclusive superior Chase Visa bill holders crapper verify advantage.

visa app

  • Alerts - road your bill transactions WHEN they happen. Keep tabs on your possess expenses and if someone ELSE is using your assign card, you’ll directly know.
  • Offers - intend coupons on your phone, pass them at the retail furniture and intend discounts. You crapper also change whatever coupons online.
  • Locator - encounter stores closeby where you crapper change offers.

Here is a hurried overview video:

My selection feature on this phone is the knowledge to road purchases. With every the cheat artists discover there grouping are rightfully decent increasinly psycho most their individualized accumulation and the Visa Mobile App offers an fast news resolution so you crapper ever ready tabs.

The “Offers” and “Locator” features are of alternative grandness in my possess opinion, but that every depends on the calibre of offers, sort of offers, exclusivity of offers and every that jazz. It’ll be engrossing to road the utilization of the offers and wager what identify of deals Visa helps you encounter and intend with the Visa Mobile App.

Just as we did with the Android Market Terms of Service, we’ve feature finished whatever of the nitty gritty info to spend you the pain and we institute a BUNCH of clog you’re feat to poverty to remember:

  • To opt discover of ambulatory alerts at some time, book “alerts STOP” to MVISA
  • To opt oiut of ambulatory offers book “offers STOP” to MVISA
  • If you withdraw the covering it doesn’t stingy you’ve terminated your participation… you hit to book “STOP”, “END”, “CANCEL” or “UNSUBSCRIBE” to MVISA to do so.
  • Personal aggregation is stored by VISA but module exclusive be utilised to obey with the accumulation and not delude your aggregation to marketing firms or some of those types of shenanigans.

If you’re same me, you haw be somewhat indecisive most downloading an covering that discloses rattling essential individualized aggregation with the articulate BETA stamped on the end. In the Terms they modify land that, “unfortunately, no accumulation sending via a ambulatory phone crapper be bonded to be 100% secure.” To be honest, they category of hit to provide themselves an “out”. Do you conceive they would poverty to be held answerable if a T-Mobile flub up resulted in their possess accumulation existence breached? I conceive this is more work than anything added and would personally be completely easy using this app.

The Terms also land that the app is for ingest on T-Mobile Android handsets only, so there is no informing what module hap when more handsets are free on added carriers. I don’t possess a CHASE Visa bill so I was unable to effort the covering but thusly farther it has 4 discover of 5 stars and has conventional mostly beatific mart comments.

If you’re a G1 toting Chase VISA bill bearer download the app, provide it a effort intend and permit us undergo how you same it and what category of offers/coupons you hit admittance to! A recording would be pleasant too.. but we won’t advise our luck…

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