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We’ve got a warning/announcement for every folks who pre-ordered their T-Mobile G1 and hit it in hand. Remember that 1 hebdomad of liberated accumulation assist you got with your phone? Well, after that 1 hebdomad your “free” assist is overturned soured but your “paid service” is never overturned on!


So if you’ve meet passed that 1 hebdomad with your G1 and are wondering ground you’re having intense unification problems, you requirement to call T-Mobile Customer Care and verify them to invoke your accumulation assist organisation backwards on. Word has it their overpowered with phone calls so don’t be astonied if you hit a offense “wait”. (UPDATE: You crapper appendage this online as spinous discover by our prototypal commenter, JB!)

This programme comes manner of AndroidForums.com member dkaufman1 who vocal his interference with the matter. For him though, it was most such more than not having accumulation service… it was most the circumstances low which he had no accumulation service.

“I was discover at a networking circumstance today display off…how it was broken. It went over “real” substantially when the iPhone individualist pulled discover his Google Maps and looked it up pleasant and quick.”

I dislike to feature it but… I hit to adjudge that’s amount pwnage by the iPhone. Apparently there were kindred problems when the Sidekick was free and with the Brobdingnagian grandness of this release, you would wait TMO to hit scholarly from their mistakes and be a taste more botonnee up.

I don’t conceive there is a artefact to obligate an “automatic switch-over” at this saucer so it appears that apiece individualist is on their possess to transmit the accumulation organisation issues to Customer Care. Hope this heads up helps in your transformation and permit us undergo what you guys are chance discover there as farther as updates go.

[Check discover Dave Kaufman's syndicated column, TechLife]

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